Why do hamsters fight each other

Hamsters are small creatures who must give a smile to both children and adults.If you moved in together two rodents, between them often inflames conflict, as a result the animals begin to fight. Owners should be sure to understand why hamsters fight with each other.

What to do if the hamsters fight

If you caught the moment when rodents are in a fight, then it should be stopped immediately, their seedlings in different cells, to avoid repeated events.

It is recommended to keep in the same cage for one hamster. By doing this, the life of both animals will be safe and they can't bite each other. Few people know, but these fights often lead to the death of one of Pets.

Hamsters are loners, we should not be surprised that between them can often arise.

The differences may be not only among same-sex residents of the cell, because Paul in this case plays no role. But why a female and a male fight? In this case, the pairing of animals to be questioned. A boy and a girl can live in one cell, not more than half an hour. During mating they are friendly and not prone to aggressive intentions.

Important! As soon as the mating is over, you need to settle the hamsters, not to watch as they begin to fight.

There is another option for safe breeding hamsters. For this you will need two squares to put next, so the male will smell, which is secreted from the female and this will attract his attention, so he will be able to it to climb. Upon completion of mating, the male goes to his cage. But if you notice that he's not himself, you should move it to you, otherwise the hamster will bite the hamster.

Fight of the hamsters Djungarian species

If you have an unusual type of hamster, you should not assume that their behavior will be radically different. Drugarice fight, as well as any other species except the dwarf. Therefore, they also should be kept apart, and to plant only during mating. The female can determine when that moment comes, she arches her back and lifts her tail. The period is repeated with an interval of five days. The female is fertilized year-round, and reproduces up to three times annually.

Behavior Syrian hamsters

If you decide to breed Syrian hamsters, then you need to consider several important factors:

  • rodents should not have a relationship. You can purchase female and male in different pet stores;
  • the parents should be of different ages. Of course,there may be a gap, but not more than three months.

Rodents become sexually Mature at 2 months of age, but fighting Syrian hamsters, before reaching two months.

How to make hamsters

There is a small probability that the hamsters will be differences if they are from birth brought up in the same house. But as the fighting hamsters? That soon the battle begins, you notice the characteristic behavior: rodents come close toes as high as possible up and scriptout teeth. If this happens at night, in the morning most harmless sight – the blood from the fact that the opponent was bitten by the other.

Female hamsters fight in the same way as males. Therefore, even this option should not be allowed. In very rare cases, the rodents get along, however, it is worth remembering that this is a night animal and a fight you can't catch.

Djungarian hamsters fight if they do not have anything distract you. In order to avoid conflict:

  • fill the cage with toys;
  • each hamster put a separate house;
  • must have wheel;
  • place more toys for an active day;
  • it is important to provide the animals with food and food, to avoid conflicts on this issue.

Attention! Rodents should always be water. If there is no drinker ever it is to end the water, hamsters, angry at the lack of moisture in the body. It is for this reason often there are conflicts.

In this case, you will be able to lead Djungarian, but should still stay vigilant.

If you are the owner of these lovely animals, pay attention to their non-standard behavior. For the full comfort provide each pet home, even the female hamster bites male. If every hamster will be busy, you will be able to avoid conflict and prolong the life of your pet.

Why do hamsters fight each other
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Please tell me.My hamster gave birth to three homyachat and male we push.A month later,when the hamsters were growing up,her started to squeak on one hamster,then began to behave more aggressively,and the other hamsters she touches.Together they sleep,eat,and when faced nose-to-nose fight.We rassteli .Tell me ,what's the problem?