Why hamsters love to run in the wheel

Common hamsters have become regular Pets in many families, along with dogs and cats, and some even compete with exotic species such as snakes or unusual aquarium fish.Daily activity is not only a genetic predisposition hamsters, but a significant contribution to their good health and maintaining good physical health. For these purposes, the rodents serves as a running wheel, which you can use to run long distances and be active. Why hamster Jogging, and tell its innate properties.


Rodents make forays in search of food every day except during hibernation, when the mink are Packed full of various supplies. The rest of the rodent devotes to the production of food and find themselves in the conditions of the cell, his instincts are not only preserved, but require implementation, despite regular feeding. As painstakingly hamster continues to do food stocks, folding in a secluded place half-eaten remnants of food. To maintain the natural balance of the rodent, the wheel will become an indispensable item in the cell.

The natural instinct of protection

Besides the food, there is another explanation of why hamsters love to run in the wheel and why do they need constant activity. Being in motion is the rodents protection from birds of prey, who lie in wait for their hunting at night. Constant activity increases the chances of the animal for a favorable outcome from the meeting with the danger. This feature is easily explained why hamsters love to turn the wheels. An endless stream of energy, nature, the hamster needs to vent and in vitro. In this case, the wheel will be for the rodent not only fun, but will help to expend energy to good use.

On average, a hamster in a wheel capable of speeds of torsion up to 5 km/hour, which is equal to the speed of walking person.

Given the size of the rodent, it spends several times more energy spinning the wheel than a man walking. Noticing a huge difference, some owners of rodents adapted Kube for practical purposes: the production of electricity. Simple solutions to equip the wheel generator, help owners charge the mobile phone and simultaneously to benefit their wards.

Prevention of obesity

There is another reason that shows why you need rodent wheel. Running will protect the hamster from problems with obesity, which often affects small animals. Rare representatives of the family hamster will refuse treats, which every day of his lure of the owner, increasing fat mass rodent.

Running hamster is able to actively fight obesity by helping the body to stay fit and healthy.

Don't forget about time of activity of the pet, because the animal loves to run at night. For why the hamsters running around in wheels in the night, meets the main phase of their waking hours, due to the nature. To rustle not interfere with the owners, a hamster running in a wheel, a cage with a rodent for the night it is desirable to move to a private room.

Hamster does not want to run in the wheel

Sometimes it happens that hamsters refuse to use the simulator for no apparent reason. In this case, you should verify how well executed cross-country wheel. The hamster should be comfortable to move around him, clinging paws for a mesh surface. It is important that the limb pet, not to fall into the gaps of the treadmill, since an awkward hit can injure the rodent.

In the article "How to make a running wheel for the hamster with your hands" you will find information about several ways of making wheels at home.

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Why hamsters love to run in the wheel
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