How many lives Djungarian hamster

Hamsters as Pets – is equally pleasant and joyful option, familiar to us as dogs or cats, with one small exception – a small steppe being limited to a small period of life, which rarely exceeds 3-year mark.Life at home is much easier and the animal does not have to endure the constant stress that gives him extra time.

The life of the animal in nature rarely passes the mark of 2 years, stopping at smaller numbers.

On the contrary, settled in the home cage, gungari will delight the world with his presence not less than 2 years, and in some cases, hamsters can live up to 3 or 4 years.

Long life of the animal in this case depends on the quality of his existence. It is important not only to properly feed and care for the rodent, but also know how to communicate with him, delivering pet only joy and depriving unpleasant emotions.

From what dying Jungaria at home

The reason for the short life of a hamster in a cozy house, where he is surrounded with warmth and care, may be:

The latter can be caused by incorrect handling of the animal. Since drugarice sensitive to loud sounds, the common finding in these conditions can lead to stress of the animal, thus the animal may fall into a daze.

Such a state very similar to hibernation, but in fact indicates a problem in animal nutrition or emotional state. Faced with such a situation, care should be taken to bring the pet to warm and create a relaxed atmosphere that will contribute to recovery of the rodent.

Care should be taken to feed the animal, not allowing him to eat double portions.

Rare a hamster will abandon your favorite treats, but little stomach can not cope, provoking the death of Jungaria. Do not forget that in nature, they live a very active life, spending most of it in search of food. So easy overeating leveled daily Jogging, without having to bring negative consequences to health.

Nutrition and care affect the life span of a hamster

Placement cell

Given the nature of the steppe animal, living in norco, you need to protect it from bright light and direct sunlight. The peak activity of rodents falls at night, laying awake in the bright half. Therefore, the placement of cells close to a window will not allow the animal a rest, which could then lead to devastating stress.

Cleaning cells

Regular cleaning of the cage, which should be carried out twice a week, will create good conditions for maintaining the health of the pet. In this case, you can be sure that the animal is not poisoned by an expired supply, which has not finished last Monday. Timely removal from his house natural waste create hygienic conditions and the opportunity to breathe fresh air (by the way, not only the hamster, but his owner).


The life of Djungarian hamster is largely due to the quality of food and here we also need to focus on their natural preferences. In the wild the animal is unlikely to get a bunch of bananas in the middle of the steppe, and therefore is to follow closely what feeds the pet. A small piece of banana as treats will bring the animal to the exclusive benefit and enjoyment, but you can't offer him too much of such foods.

The main emphasis in the diet of the animal should be done on grains and legumes, including:

The perfect solution diet is to purchase ready-made blendsthat contain optimal set of vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy and long life pet. By the way, don't forget about meat and proteins, without which it is difficult to create a strong immune system of the hamster. Despite boyish good looks, in nature animals often act as predators, arranging a meat dinner.

How long can a hamster live devoid of active movement

Rare animal will be the noble survivor, if his cell will special exercise equipment or walking ball, which will provide the animal with appropriate level of activity. Life in a cage involves a limited area of movement, as well as the constant availability of good food that there is no need to produce, skimming miles of steppe roads. But this does not mean that the hamster no longer need in motion. On the contrary, the constant running in a wheel or in a ball walks around the apartment would bring the animal to good physical shape and healthy functioning of internal organs. Including the gastrointestinal tract, warm-up which needed daily.


Observing these conditions, you should not worry about how many live Dzungaria, after all, surrounded by proper care and love, the little steppe, guests will delight owners at least 2 years.

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How many lives Djungarian hamster
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Why are you writing this? Website you good, a lot of useful tips. But to write that the food of Jungaria should consist of corn, peas, sunflower seeds and nuts?! In nature, the hamster is the roots and green parts of plants, and small insects. Nuts he has nowhere to find, in semideserts, they do not grow. So his liver can not bear seeds, nuts, etc. it is believed that sunflower seeds for dsungarica you can give no more than 4-5 per day, corn — 1 item in 2-3 days or less, only peas crushed (flattened), not fresh, and no more than 1 piece a day. In old age it's necessary to reduce.
Silicicum not so hard all they and more and are less to diabetes than Jungaria....
p.s. By the way, the cleaning of the cage should be done not more often 1 time a week, more often is a lot of stress. The toilet corner can be removed carefully every day. And to avoid odor for a week or two — corn filler.