How many sleeping hamsters and if they fall asleep?

Nature is very wise, therefore, took care to the animals it was easier to survive the winter.Under natural conditions, a rodent hibernates, but it is in the Lite version.

What is torpor?

The body of the hamster is not adapted to hibernation on the type of bear, as is characteristic of rodents is called daze, it happens in the winter. The difference between a typical hibernation in duration.

Torpor is a short – term hibernation, in which all processes in the body small shalunishki slows, body temperature drops, he's unresponsive, "stuck". These processes are affected by the decrease of air temperature and day length. In the spring-long day, the street is warmer and rodents cease stiffening. Street hamsters hibernate (torpor), but is this with Pets?!

The behavior of Pets

Pets hamsters can also fall into a daze. Do not worry if one morning you see that the pet is not noisy, almost no signs of life. I hasten to reassure you, most likely, he's alive. Take the kid on handles, thaw out, gently stroke and life come back to him.

Torpor hamsters is a kind of "standby mode" during which the rat does not respond to external stimuli, externally it looks like he's sleeping.

Causes of numbness pet hamsters:

  • low temperature in the apartment is not comfortable for the hamster;
  • lack of food and poor nutrition;
  • insufficient lighting.

Despite the fur coat, the animals can not tolerate hunger, because hamsters originally lived in the steppes. If you care about a balanced diet, to put under the cage heating pad or put a small heater nearby, it will not freeze. Sleeping hamster comes out of this state in a comfortable environment. After hibernation, rodent need to be fed soft foods, such as unsalted oatmeal gruel, boiled vegetables. At home it is very important to provide your pet sufficient daylight, good feed.

Hamsters – small animals but require a lot of attention and great love. If you provide pet care, he will not need to hibernate.

How to Wake up a kid?

If a sleeping hamster is not prepared for hibernation, not gorged on fat, and fell into "emergency numb" to avoid exhaustion and dehydration, it is necessary to awaken. Such actions do not cause the baby harm, but they will be quiet and will save him from starvation.

To get the hamster to emerge from hibernation, the owners go on stealth. For example, cover the cell with a warm blanket, a cloth and enclose the treats.

Interestingly, hibernation is more exposed to Syrian hamsters, Dzungaria fall into a stupor for a few hours. In this way, the hamster can move lack of food, not the temperature and other adverse conditions.

Important: if pet shows no signs of life, not in a hurry to bury him, maybe the hamster is sleeping. Making conclusions about his sudden death, the owner unwittingly brings this process. Check whether the animal is breathing, and begin to Wake.

In a state of torpor , gungari or a hamster of a different breed could be several hours or even days – it all depends on external factors, comfort level of life of the animal. In the wild, to numb, the hamster quite late one winter night to walk out of his hole. If the baby the whole day will stay in the uncomfortable low temperature of its body will begin to "save energy".

If you decide to Wake up the hamster, it is in any case can not be put on radiators, heat registers, or to put a cage over an open fire. More valuable dry, gentle heat and the ability to warm up gradually.

Why a hamster is sleeping, we have already dealt with, and how to understand that he came from the state of torpor? The animal starts more often to breathe, to shake, to move independently.

The usual sleep mode

Hamsters are nocturnal animals, so at night they stay awake and sleep during the day. How many sleeping hamsters hard to say because it individually. The animal could easily sleep all day and night-time activity: spin the wheel to climb in the maze. Some owners are not satisfied with the status quo, and they want to teach a rodent to sleep in the daytime.

To teach a hamster a day walking, and at night sleep is difficult, even if at night to remove the wheel, a day to Wake the animal to clean the cage and slip the Goodies. If you constantly not to give the hamster to sleep when he wants it, it will knock him out. Allow the pet to set the mode, except situation when you really want to play with him.

Video: the hamster went into hibernation

How many sleeping hamsters and if they fall asleep?
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