How many years of living Syrian hamsters

Syrian hamsters are very kind and sweet crumbs.Those wishing to purchase this lovely friend reflect on what it eats rodent, where to place it, does he need friends, how many years of living. Hamster this breed, despite its small size, requires the same care and attention as other Pets.

How I live Syrian hamsters

Syrian hamsters differ enviable longevity among the representatives of other breeds. So, in the wild their lifespan averages 2-3 years, and Djungarian, Campbell and other dwarf – only 1-2 years.

People who choose to make themselves at home furry friend, ask the question: "How much do Syrian hamsters live at home?". It is worth noting that outside of the dangers of the environment they live much longer.

Pets hamsters this breed will delight hosts for 3-4 years and sometimes even 5 years.

Remember that the correctly selected diet and care will ensure the animal long enough life as it is already 2-2. 5 years (already a considerable age for the rodent) several are health problems for which treatment is taken, not every vet. How many live for years Syrian hamsters, directly depends on lifestyle, the presence of injury and disease.

How to provide a good environment

Among all the types of hamsters, the most favorite is the Syrian hamster. For full existence in the house these beautiful animals is very important to properly equip the place of detention. Many breeders recommend a fairly spacious cage size from 40x30. Don't forget that this is a very active animal, so it is advisable to install in the "house" wheel, swings, tunnels and various other toys.

In the cage of your pet should be a drinking bowl with fresh water and a bowl for eating. Do not forget about the cleanliness of the house. To clean him regularly, not leading to neglect. Because clean need everything. The life of a baby in a dirty house can seriously affect their health.



Many people forget that the health of Pets depends on what they eat.

From the diet is highly recommended to exclude the following products:

  • sugar and salt;
  • dairy products (yogurt, kefir, etc.);
  • spicy and fatty foods (spices, oil);
  • citrus fruits (lemons, oranges);
  • nuts;
  • cabbage;
  • chocolate.

You have to include in the diet fruit (apples, bananas, dried fruits), vitamins, any grains, seeds (except sunflower) and grass (clover, wheat, and parsley). Listed food a beneficial effect on the lifespan of Syrian hamsters.

Extra care

Quite often the owners of these chubby babies I don't know if the little extra care, and does his absence have on the health of the rodent.

In any case, do not bathe these animals – babies are well groomed, washing your face carefully each day. For long-haired individuals need need to use the washroom with sand, so they could clean the coat. Can comb their Pets a little comb or toothbrush.


A sick hamster can be seen immediately by his behavior: he tries to hide, lethargic and sedentary, he lost appetite, coat remains unkempt and dull. Upon detection of such symptoms should immediately consult a veterinarian. Illness and stress greatly affect a tiny body. Pay attention to the location of the cells, avoid the frequent relocations that frighten pet that eats a rodent and how much. Live Syrian hamsters are quite calm, do not like noisy and dangerous neighbors, so they should not have, if the house already has a cat or a dog.

Remember that even these crumbs require your attention and care. Your care and determines how many years living of the Syrian hamster at home.

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How many years of living Syrian hamsters
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