The weight and size of hamsters of different breeds

Hamsters are wonderful animals that can breed at home even by a beginner.Based on the size of the pet should be taken into account:

  • the size of the cellsthat you want to buy;
  • set of entertainment for your pet (wheels, sticks) and their sizes;
  • living together or single;
  • the amount of feed.

Djungarian hamster

This type of hamsters have long been accustomed in modern apartments. Appearance he has a very nice, funny behavior, one can long observe his actions.

The hamster differs in body shape from their relatives. On the back, closer to the tail, he has a slightly twisted spine, so the feeling that the animal has a small hump.

To watch this animal very interesting when it fills its cheek pouches, they had very large and can have a good stretch.

The size of the Djungarian hamster does not exceed 10 see Generally, these animals grow up to 6-9 cm height and weight depend on the conditions and individual characteristics. The weight of Djungarian hamster can reach 50 grams.

hamster Djungarian

Based on these data, experts advise to buy a cage the size of 30x50 cm, with frequent bars. Running wheel can be purchased with diameter 13-17 cm

These hamsters can be kept singly.

The Syrian hamster

If future owners have opted for the Syrian breed, you must know the weight of a Syrian hamster, because it is very different from Jungar.
The size of the adult Syrian hamster can reach 19 cm, this is a fairly large animal.

Despite its size, this hamster likes to be on hand, loves to draw attention to himself and is glad to any dialogue.

The weight of the Syrian hamster ranges from 100 to 200 gr.

hamster Syrian

Interestingly, the Pets of this breed can be both shorthaired and longhaired.

He proposed:

  • cell 40x60 cm;
  • running wheel with a diameter of 18 cm;
  • accommodation single.

Siberian hamster

The Siberian hamster can be found in nature, it lives in Siberia, hence its name.

Djungarian hamsters are very similar, differ only in the color of the fur. The Siberian coat grey and winter coat of the animal becomes completely white. This is particularly interesting to observe at home maintenance.

The average weight of the pet is 40 - 50 gr., but the sizes of these animals grow no more than 8 cm.
For the maintenance of the Siberian hamster a suitable cage is the same as that of the Junggar pet.

hamster Siberian

The common hamster (wild)

Weight of hamster common more than all other breeds. Due to its size it is not a frequent visitor in homes, easier to contain little hamsters.

The body length of the common hamster reaches 30 cm tailed animal, and the tail is fairly long, 5 to 8 cm.

hamster common

This hamster is a big fan of the "home comfort", Nora it consists of many corridors, storerooms and exits. Sometimes in the storerooms such a workaholic can be detected reserves of up to 15 kg.


Hamsters are more likely to buy small sizes. They are easy to clean, watching them interesting, and chores minimized.

The rocks are dwarf hamsters, whose height varies from 5-10 cm, and weighs on average about 50 grams.

hamster Roborovskogo

Cells for these breeds you can buy the same size (30x50) , wheel – the same diameter (13-15 cm).

Such breeds include:

No matter what size the pet, all the hamsters are very friendly and funny animals. Caring for them can realize even a child. It is important to remember that this treatment must be regular.

The weight and size of hamsters of different breeds
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