Cheeks the hamster: why hamster stuffing his mouth, the role of cheek pouches

Cheeks the hamster – the amazing "fit", which operate on the principle of a parachute in the right moment, they swell and there will easily fit a generous supply of food.Through this experiment, viewers saw looks like a hamster with the big cheeks from the inside.

The body structure of a rodent

A hamster with cheeks looks funny, but he was not always so. Thick they become
when the rodents hide there food, they are literally balloons. Hamsters are very Thrifty animals, to see them with full cheek pouches is not difficult, so the British called the animals "hamster", which translated from German means "to store".

Pets do not have to starve, give them as much food as they want. But why animals do not cease to store products? It's all in the instincts, not run from them. Hamster still tries to hide some of the food, so stuffed of sweets's cheeks. A hamster with food in your mouth for a long time became the star of cartoons, in this form he is depicted in books and magazines.

Stocks for the winter

Rodents living in the wild, I make regular food supply. Cheek pouches hamsters are big enough and there is something to fit Homa will fill his cheeks. The bags are designed so that there would be a quantity of food equal to half the weight of the animal.

Once the food is in the cheek pouches, a hamster with stuffed cheeks goes in a hole and hiding inventory. He is very funny running around with puffed-out cheeks and pushes food: presses cheek pouches and blowing hard. Under pressure from the food flies out of his mouth, and chubby hamster turns into a normal rodent. Now cheek pouches empty and the animal can enjoy with new reserves, he does so.

Now you know why the hamster big cheeks: it makes stocks for the winter and going through it with no problems, ate, slept, walked and ate again. "In the wild" rodents hoard seeds, and grains, and roots but are not averse.

This is interesting: a hamster with cheeks stores at a time up to 90 grams of food! If you are the owner of this lovely animal, watch how a hamster stuffs his cheeks.

Features cheek bags

The cheek pouches in hamsters is a pair of organs located in the mouth, away from teeth. Perform an important function with their help, the rodent carries large portions of food in storage. Have a pet there is no need to prepare food, but a hamster with food in his cheek likes to amuse the owner!

Why do hamsters stuff their cheeks? In winter don't stay hungry. This is a convenient way of transporting food. But nature did not consider one moment: one day, these cute animals can become hand, the need to store food will change, and diet.

Possible problems and their solutions

Sometimes, the cheek pouches become inflamed. This happens due to the fact that in the mouth of a rodent does not quite useful products. In nature, animals with inflamed cheeks are rare, but for Pets this is a very common phenomenon.

To inflamed cheek pouches, you need to properly care for the hamster. Do not put in the cage the cat or other excipientthat is not intended for rodents. Make sure that the menu pet was not beans and sweet.

Video: funny hamster stuffs his cheeks

Video: a hamster takes out inventory because of the cheeks

Cheeks the hamster: why hamster stuffing his mouth, the role of cheek pouches
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