How do you see the world of hamsters: the vision and the senses of the hamster

Contrary to the erroneous opinion about the poor eyesight hamsters, I have to say – nature has endowed them with sufficient vigilance to ensure safe living on the vast field.This quality of perception for them is the best option for a comfortable safe existence.

This feature is connected with the way of life of the animals that come to light in the pitch dark underground burrow, and spend most of the time. Sunlight brings acute discomfort hamsters. They start to squint, always trying to avoid direct contact with the source of the irritation.

Hunting: what is the vision of the hamsters in the night

Rodents – the representatives of night life. Most of the daylight hours they rest, starting to be active in the evening. In the dark vision of Djungarian (or any other hamster) becomes clearer and the ability to distinguish colors. Perception of rodents available colors yellow-green tones, which helps them to forage for food and hunt.

Orientation in space and ability to recognize danger hamsters provide the organs of touch, largely replacing them with a vision:

  • vibrissae (or whiskers numerous small animal) located in areas with a high concentration of nerve endings that make it easily scans the environment. This helps the hamster to avoid obstacles in its path;
  • hearing developed in hamsters on a high level, allows them to perceive the sound of the world in ordinary and ultrasonic format. This ability allows them at a great distance to identify the unfamiliar sounds and manage to hide in case of danger;
  • sense of smell helps animals to find out where among his fellow females, and males. Keen sense of smell unmistakably identifies a strange smell and if it smells "hostile", the hamster tries to avoid contact (in some cases even owners, if they stroked the cat).

Life in monochrome tones kompensiruet rodents a set of useful tools that help them to live in security, to get food and find the hole for tens of kilometers.

Therefore, distinguish whether the hamsters are all colors of the rainbow or are satisfied with two basic, their life does not lose dexterity and comfort.

How do you see the world of hamsters: the vision and the senses of the hamster
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