Food Djungarian hamsters: what you can and cannot give Djungarian

The simple truth for those who have home lives Djungarian hamster: the food – the basis of health and longevity.If the owner is interested in maintaining the health of your pet, it is better to find out in advance what you can feed Djungarian hamster at home.

Characteristics of the organism


The birthplace of these animals — dry steppes and semi-deserts. Their digestive tract is not adapted to greasy, high-calorie, sweet foods. Eating Jungaria in nature – a guide to the correct feeding of ornamental Pets.

Wild hamsters eat mainly grains and seeds. Fall Thrifty rodent seals the entrance to the hole, so in the winter they are only dry food from inventory. In spring they eat green grass in the summer if possible, eat berries and insects.

The Djungarian hamster's diet should consist of carbohydrates 65%, protein 16%, fat 4-5%.

Like other rodents, Djungarian life growing teeth. You need to give the animal the opportunity to grind them.


The main feature of Jungaria – their tiny size. This explains the high level of metabolism. Metabolism dwarf hamsters are very fast, they can not be hungry. Compared to the larger brethren gungari very greedy – eating up in the day to 70% by weight.

Predisposition to disease:

  • diabetes;
  • obesity.

Overeating – the most common cause of metabolic disorders in hamsters. You should not feed your pet just for a bit of fun, or because it stands on its hind legs. Animals and so choose the most delicious feed of the components at the same time most nutritious. In a closed space, the care and feeding should be aimed at preventing excess weight.

Animal necessarily produce a walk, encourage active play, put in a cage running wheel. Djungarian hamsters are fed a maximum of twice a day.

The consequence of obesity and a genetic predisposition to getting diabetes. This disease often suffer hamsters, the Campbell, but the difficulty is that in pet stores they are uncontrolled cross with Jungar. Owner, buying a rodent, not professional breeders can't be sure that it is not a hybrid.

Deliberate exclusion from a menu Djungarian hamster food rich in sugar, will go to pet only benefit.

The composition of the diet

That's what eating not unbearable at home:

  • grain (dry food);
  • succulent forage (herbs, grasses, fruits, vegetables, berries);
  • protein foods (lean meats, eggs, insects);
  • vitamin supplements;
  • mineral stone, the branches of fruit trees.

The basis of nutrition – is industrial food for dwarf hamsters, a mixture of crops and fresh drinking water is freely available. On this diet, the hamster can live a very long time, even without the additional Goodies.

It is important to observe a measure: the fruit should not be more than 5% of the diet of Jungariaeven allowed to give a piece not more than 1 cm give Vegetables a day, and berries – not more than once a week.

Any new product introduced in the diet with tiny portions, with caution. To change dry food to the mixture from another manufacturer too, should gradually, within a week to avoid digestive disorders.

Table products: what Djungarian hamsters, and what not

Important! Even allowed the products you need to give special frequency, to learn more read the article till the end.

You can give It is impossible to give With caution or in small quantity
Oats Pasta Figure
 Corn  Bakery products Buckwheat
Wheat Legumes: (peas, beans) Lentils
Sunflower Brazil nuts
Pumpkin Almonds
Linen Pine nuts
Cashews Cherry, apricot pits
Sesame Acorns
Walnut Chestnuts
Eggplant  Watermelon  Cucumber
Broccoli Melon Tomato
Zucchini Potatoes Radish
Carrots Cabbage Celery
Radishes Bow Asparagus
Turnips Garlic Cauliflower
Beets (not sugar)
Jerusalem artichoke
Apple  Persimmon  Apricot, plum
Pear Citrus fruits (orange, grapefruit, lemon) Peach, nectarine
Banana Exotic fruits (pineapple, kiwi, mango)
Barberry  Honeysuckle Grapes
Hawthorn Elder
Cherry pitted
Sea buckthorn
The tops of carrots, beets Sorrel Parsley
Any salad (iceberg lettuce, corn) Branches of pine trees Dill
The leaves and branches of fruit trees (apricot, cherry, Apple), other deciduous (birch, Rowan, alder).
Curd 1% Sausage Boiled white fish
Low fat white yogurt Raw meat or fish

Cleaned boiled shrimp

Boiled egg (chicken/quail) Milk Gammarus, Daphnia
Boiled meat low-fat varieties: beef, rabbit, Turkey, chicken (breast). Cheese

Common sense will tell you what to feed the hamster dzhungaria at home.

The food should not contain SALT, SUGAR, SPICES to be too oily or fried.

Any food from the human table is forbidden, but especially confectionery products (biscuits, ice cream, chocolate, almonds, honey, granola).

Forbidden foods can be deadly

The list is not very extensive, it is actually prohibited foods is much more than can be discussed in one article. But the list of what you can give Djungarian hamsters eating too impressive, so there is no point to experiment with unsafe products. The ban may seem unreasonable, but the reason is always there.

The risk of poisoning

Some familiar to us food – for Djungarian real poison. Almonds and apricot pits contain hydrocyanic acid, watermelon accumulates nitrates, honeysuckle and elderberries cause asphyxiation and cramps. The potatoes may contain solanine. The problem is the small size of the animal and delicate organism. Intoxication is even microscopic in the eyes of a human dose of a hazardous substance.

Cause constipation

Any astringent products (persimmons) slow peristalsis due to the high content of tannins. Constipation is very dangerous for rodents.

Cause diarrhea

Irritating the digestive tract or have a laxative products should not be given Djungarian. This spicy ginger and any spices that are contained in human food (paprika, salt).

Cause fermentation

Flatulence leads to death of a rodent in a matter of hours. The foods that trigger flatulence include cabbage, black bread, beans.

Too fat

The rodent liver is unable to cope with too fatty foods. Even the seeds, which relate to Djungarian, give in products such as butter, fried food is eliminated completely. Too much fat it contains avocado.

Hurt cheek pouches

Sometimes the product itself does not pose a risk. But given the small size and habits of a pet causes problems. Dry pasta can not give your hamster Jungaria not because wheat is dangerous, but because he might hurt cheek pouches, pushing back spaghetti.

The abscesses and inflammation of the sack is a serious problem requiring treatment. The owners, faced with such a nuisance, even pre-clean the seeds from the husk before feeding Jungaria.

The risk of allergies

Essential oil, brightly colored fruits, vegetables and berries can cause allergies. If, after the strawberry the hamster flowing eyes, red and itchy skin – it should be removed.

Sometimes the product is prohibited for several reasons: the cheese is simultaneously salty, oily and rich in lactose, which is very difficult to digest.

The rules of feeding allowed foods

Djungarian hamsters diet should be varied: do not give every day the same food (except for dry food).Regularly do an audit of reserves. A piece the size of 1 cm to be optimal for a dwarf hamster.

How often can I feed Jungaria additions to dry food

  • fruits and berries – 1 every 2 weeks;
  • greens – through day, better dried;
  • vegetables – white or green every day (zucchini, artichoke, cucumber, turnips) other (squash, carrots) – 2 times per week;
  • nuts and seeds – rarely, as a treat;
  • meat, eggs – 1 time a week.

The recommendations do not take into account special needs: for example, pregnant female protein foods you can eat 2-3 times a week.

All products must be fresh and of high quality.

When feeding vegetables and fruits, preference for seasonal produce. All succulents are carefully washed, but trying to avoid the "chemical" component (nitrates, pesticides). The greens are soaked, Apple peel.

In winter, one is forced to wonder what to feed Jungaria: overseas tasteless the tomatoes themselves are scary. A good alternative to the greenhouse vegetables will be the seedlings of oats, wheat, sunflower, frozen from the summer greens.

The choice of dry food

The power of Djungarian 80-90% consists of dry food. The hamster must receive it every day, it is the basis of the diet. Hamsters eat drugarice a little (about a tablespoon of feed a day), so do not skimp on the purchase mixtures. Consider a few brands proven products:

Feed Djungarian

Versele-Laga "Prestige Mini Hamster Nature"

Fully balanced composition in addition to grains and seeds contains dried vegetables, fruits and nuts, a protein component and a yeast as a source of vitamins. If the pet is inclined to completeness, it is necessary to manually select the pineapple and raisins.

Chica-Bio "Food for Djungarian hamsters"

Domestic food, not inferior in quality to foreign analogues, but more affordable. The particle size of the feed and the ratio of ingredients is chosen specifically for the nutrition of Jungaria.

Feed for hamsters of any kind are of excellent quality

JR Farm Hamster

Have good taste: eat Jungaria, eating all the food as a whole, not pick the choicest ingredients. The chips feed into a variety of protein sources (mealworms, chicken, a tiny fish), prebiotic the inulin improves digestion and Yucca extract reduces the smell of rodent.

Vitakraft Menu Vital

Usually used for Syrians. The disadvantage is that to improve the taste, to the mixture is added honey. Food Djungarian hamsters involves restriction of sugars.

Fiory Criceti

For Jungaria in a stern enough protein, and have to manually choose the delicious, but unhealthy honey granules.


This food is characterized by a relatively poor composition.

Vitapol and Lolo pets

Food for hamster is better to keep them out of the package, and pour into a glass jar with a tight lid. The mixtures are complete: for a long time to give Djungarian hamster only dry food. The reason to diversify the diet is a special physiological state of the animal: the period of growth, pregnancy and lactation, the time of mating in the male.

On our site you can learn about the proper mode of feeding the hamster. It is important rules that can protect your pet from obesity and poisoning.


The edge of Djungarian hamsters at home depends entirely on the owner. You should not rely on the instincts of the animal, allowing him to choose what to eat. Nature is not lies in this capacity, because in the desert gungari faces with caramel popcorn. In any case it is impossible to experiment and to give the hamster prohibited products. If the desire is to treat the hamster with something "special" is very large, you can help special treats for hamsters, but to feed their pet, not necessarily.

All rodents – the real sharaholic, besides they can not even recognize poisonous plants. Pet will be healthy and will live long only if you feed it correctly. Before buying it is important to know in advance how to feed the Djungarian hamster and to explain these rules to children, if the rodent is for them.

Food Djungarian hamsters: what you can and cannot give Djungarian
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