How and what to feed hamsters: diet at home

Before you decide what to feed the hamster in the home should appeal to breeders of animals.Food need to get grain feed for hamsters and mineral stonewhich does not contain salt.

Grain mix should be just hamsters, but not for birds or other rodents. Do not take the drops for rodents: is there too much sugar, animals don't need it. If in the shop are several compounds, do not take cheap. The more expensive are vitamins and minerals required by your pet, it is better balanced. If you still decided to take the food economy class, buy him vitamins.

In addition to a dry mix it is necessary to feed animals with juicy food.

What can hamsters and what not, the list of products

The table below presents the main groups of products that can and can not eat rodents:

A list of food groups to feed the hamster
You need to give continuously as feed
Dry food for hamsters, legumes in addition to red beans, cereals, raw and cooked rice. The figure given for diarrhea. Vegetables: root vegetables except potatoes, in-season cucumbers and peppers, zucchini, pumpkin. Dill, parsley, lettuce, dandelion. Sweet fruit, seasonal seedless. Dried fruits home drying. Frozen vegetables without onions. Pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, melon. Nuts except almonds and apricot pits to give you need not as main food and as dietary supplements, because nuts are fatty. Sprouted oats and wheat. Cooked for 20 minutes branches of deciduous trees, but not from the street.
You need to give 2-3 times a week one of positions to choose from
Boiled chicken breast without salt and other spices; low fat milk products (fat content of not more than 1%); protein boiled eggs; very rarely meat or cooked shrimp; insects and meat, bought in the store; lean boiled fish without bones.
It is impossible to give
Fried, smoked, salted, pickled, fat. Sugar, salt, spices, and honey. Cream, sour cream and butter. Pasta: both dry and cooked. Citrus, persimmons, onions and garlic, radish, potatoes, acorns, cabbage, eggplant, tomatoes. Coniferous branches. Insects from the street, bloodworms. Mushrooms, mint, and rose.

In the table the General principles of how to feed the hamster, on the basis of them, make up the diet of the pet.

What can you give hamsters, the quality of the food

If you have not in plans to get rid of wild animal in the near future, pay attention to the quality of food. The animal should not eat "garbage", mouldy grain and rotten fruits are not suitable for kids. Food at home should consist of only fresh and high quality foods.

Nobody in their right mind will not give your pet rotten fruit. But animals are dangerous and slightly spoiled apples "with the barrels". Man is not a terrible mess, stood for two days in the refrigerator, and a hamster can get sick from it.

How to feed the animals fruit

Fresh vegetables and fruits can be put in a cage with a large piece or cut into slices.

So how to feed a hamster you can only fresh food, make sure to remove the remnants of succulent fodder no later than 8 hours.

Can hamsters give the same food winter and summer

The diet of the animals is quite diverse. It includes grains, nuts, fruits and vegetables, protein foods. The seasonal cycle are vegetables and fruits. In the middle zone cucumbers and plums grow in the summer. At this time, they have a lot of vitamins. The benefits of plums for the new year will not be. She was, or grown somewhere else, or processed chemicals that protect from damage. This product it is not necessary to give the animal. As for watermelon, it is better to exclude them from the diet. They have a lot of water, and to dissolve the nitrates, is added while growing.

Prepare fruits in season. To do this, dry apricots and pears, and then add your pet. Instead of greenhouse cucumbers feed the animals carrots and turnips, which retains the vitamins from the fruit produce apples.

Can a hamster give exotic fruits

Feed hamsters fruit at home regularly. They should be sweet, without acidity. As for imported exotic animals it is not needed. Fruits such as kiwi, papaya, pineapple, mango any good will not bring the steppe animals. Not to mention something more exotic. The only fruit that firmly entered into the everyday life, it is – banana, they can feed without fear.

Is it possible to feed the hamster that was left without a mother

Great misfortune, if the kids lost their mother at birth or she escaped from the cage.

Will have to be patient and do the little hamsters on their own. Of the compounds best suited milk for feeding kittens. It can be bought at a pet store. Every two hours, give kids the diluted mixture. After eating they massage the tummy. Put the animals of the bottle with warm water that they are not cold.

The growth of the diet becomes richer. Add animals baby puree without salt and sugar:

  • vegetable;
  • fruit;
  • meat.

Cook them with oatmeal in the water. Monthly animal can be fed adult food. If necessary, grind it on a grater.

Controversial issues and what you can not feed the hamster

There are foods that spark debate among pet owners.Is it possible to give the animals the milk, how much can you give cheese and there's no harm in crackers and bread.

To answer these questions, you will have to return to the diet of animals in the wild:

  • Adult animals don't drink milk, but the cow is not suitable and young. Survive kids, reared soaked in milk bread only because of potential health, not a full feeding.
  • To feed pet hamster cheese is not worth it. He is rather fatty and contains a lot of salt: this will damage the rodent.
  • Bread and bakery products is absolutely not edible for rodents, although they will be chewing on it. Too much bread and biscuits of harmful components in the form of fat and sugar. If you decide to feed something like that, choose unsweetened dried. It wouldn't be too useful, but a minimal amount and will not cause harm.

Is it possible to feed the hamsters

The closer the hamster's diet to natural food, the better for the animal. The less a product is processed, the more it has preserved of nutrients.

These rodents – the children of the steppe. It is easy to guess, what to eat hamsters. The basis of their diet – grains of different maturity: seeds, sprouts of grass. Juicy roots and extracted in vegetable and root crops are also included in the menu of these resourceful animals.

Protein foods are also needed for animals. On the outside it: the insects, the wounded birds and small animals.

So, diet Zverkov consists of:

  • blends purchased at the pet shop;
  • juicy vegetables and fruits;
  • green;
  • seeds and nuts;
  • lactic acid products low-fat, eggs or chicken breast 2-3 times a week.

List of foods you can Supplement, if you have experience in farming these animals. You can create your own grain mix or Supplement them with seeds of grasses or cereals.

In the cage should be water and a mineral stone for grinding cutters.

Feeding and care of the danger of improper feeding

It happens that inexperienced owners of pet animal feed seems to be correct, but get a bad result: the animal is gaining weight, having digestive problems. What could be the reasons:

  • animal give a lot of treats;
  • at home in the animal, there is a sufficient number of "trainers";
  • hamsters diet consists mainly of ready meals: porridge and boiled vegetables

So to feed the hamsters is unacceptable, even if they like it.

Animals in nature run in a day to several kilometers. They need the exercise. In addition to wheel running in a cage should be: paths, mazes, tunnels and ladders.

Hamster eats two times a day, morning and evening. Evening portion should be more, because the evening is the peak activity of these nocturnal animals. Restrictions on dry food possible, not impose, not to create the animal additional stress. Let dry mixture is in the trough constantly. Change it so that it didn't go bad. But Goodies – batch, especially if they are sweet, if you don't want to fatten the animal and to bring him before the disease.

What to eat hamsters the dwarf species

Feeding Djungarian practically does not differ from power of Syrian hamsters, with one exception. Kids are prone to diabetes. For this reason you can not give hamsters sweet fruits as the main diet. It is better to be limited to rare cases and to give such fruits in small quantities.

What to feed hamsters in the home on special occasions

A special case is the illness or the lure of little hamsters. For the kids will suit boiled cereal water or baby food in the jars without sugar, milk and gluten.
In case of illness, the pet owner needs to go to the vet, but a single disorder you can try to adjust:

  • If the animal has diarrhea – can you give hamster congee or a bit of it raw rice.
  • If constipation, you have to give him 2 drops of paraffin oil in 3 hours. Then the oil is not so much the food as the medicine.

Older hamster eats worse. Difficult for him to cope with large pieces of food and hard food. You can grate the vegetables and fruits are grated and steamed cereals. However, solid food is necessary to add, without it the animal will not do. Decoction of chamomile, brewed twice daily, also good to give "retired".

To take care of rodents is easy, but you have to know what to eat hamsters. To do this, examine the question of what to feed hamsters and what not to feed depends on the animal's health and his mood.


How and what to feed hamsters: diet at home
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