What eats a hamster at home

Empirically it is impossible to determine what they eat hamsters in the home.Prefer to settle in the fields, so the main diet of them – crops. If there is a nearby village, the animals must visit her. There they deal with the stored vegetables and fruits. Fresh herbs – part of the diet. Hamster eats grass and field plants. Beetles, spiders, and caterpillars are a favorite prey of rodents. The nature of animals, not angels, if they come across a wounded animal, a rodent will not disdain, and fresh meat.

What eats a hamster at home

The closer the diet of a pet to natural, the better for the animal. In the wild, no one cooks him fried potatoes and dumplings. Therefore, home fried, salted, smoked and sweet food very quickly will destroy the baby.

Hamsters can not eat fatty, spicy food and canned food.

The main part of the diet is grains. View, like eating hamsters, and select the appropriate mixture. Special blends can be purchased in the store. The more expensive of the mixture is usually added and vitamins.

Willingly eats at home the animal and fruit. This is important if the cage is not worth drinking. Fruit and vegetables give to animals in finely sliced or a large piece that you sew the teeth.

Perishable foods should be removed from cells after 6-8 hours, not to poison the kids.

It is impossible to give animals:

Happy hamsters eat home cooked chicken breast, eggs and insects, low-fat cottage cheese, seeds and nuts. No need to stuff animals meat 3 times a day. Such food must appear "on the table" 2-3 times a week.

The protein component must be present in the menu, pregnant and lactating females almost every day.

Earthworms are a very nutritious food, and the hamster eats it with great appetite, but to dig worms in the garden is impossible. Pets can be infected. Must be in a cage or mineral chalk stone for grinding cutters.

How many Pets eat hamsters

The animals are nocturnal, so the main meal they have – evening. The quantity of feed that is necessary to give the baby depends on the size of the animal. The two feeding the Syrians should be given 1 tablespoon of the mixture in the morning and evening, and Jungaria 1 teaspoon. In the evening put the animal juicy fruits and vegetables, and in the morning gently remove the cells from their remainders.

Hamster food is not only daily diet but also stocks. Uneaten products animal stashed for a "rainy day". In addition to removing perishable products during harvest view and dispose of stocks, that kids could not eat spoiled food. To the rodent wasn't too hurt, put into clean storage room a few seeds.

How to drink rodents

The inhabitants of the steppe does not need a bath with water to drink, and clean skin they are in containers with sand. However, a special drinking bowl should be in the cage with the animal. It can be pendant or in the form of small bowls. If you have a bowl of water should be changed daily even if the water's dirty. Water needs to be boiled put. In extreme cases, hamsters eat juicy fruits and vegetables instead of water, for example cucumbers. But the lack of waterers require the owner to carefully ensure that the animal does not suffer from thirst.

What can you give hamsters eating homemade

If you want to pamper their Pets homemade food, remember, animals can not give the sweet and fatty foods. You can cook kids cereals on the water. Buckwheat, oats, millet, wheat, lentils – diversify your pet. Homemade food animals, you can eat low-fat cottage cheese, boiled eggs and chicken breast. Canned food only valid from mixtures for babies: puree, mashed fruits and vegetables, with no salt, preservatives and sugar.

Or delicacies that you can eat hamsters

In addition to the basic ration, there is not too well-known delicacies for the family pet. These products can be offered to animals in addition to forage:

  • the millet;
  • flax seeds in small amounts;
  • milk Thistle;
  • dried fruits drying your home, not the market;
  • the moth and its larvae domestic breeding.

This list can be supplemented with personal preferences of the animal. If you give a new food for the first time, let a small piece, "one bite".

What fruits can you eat Pets

There are certain rules that should be followed when feeding the animals fruits. They should adhere to food can't hurt:

  • feed the animals with seasonal local fruits growing.
  • fruits must be sufficiently ripe, but not rotten;
  • acidic fruits are dangerous for animals;
  • rodents can't eat fruits with seeds, remove them before feeding;
  • do not give fruit more frequently than 1-2 times a week;
  • do not let animals exotic tropical fruits.

Remember that the diet of Djungarian slightly different from the power of the Syrians. Drugarice prone to diabetes, so fruit they can get much less than the Syrians.

Eating little hamsters

Usually the mother nurses the babies, if her normal conditions. Even the foods she brings into the house on their own. To go to the animal is not necessary. But it happens that children are left orphaned or a hamster escapes. You have to have the courage to bring up children.

If such a disaster happened after the birth, you can make your own meals, but it is better to buy at the pet store the mixture for feeding kittens. Dilute it to a state of milk and feed babies every 2 hours via an eyedropper or brush to paint. Brush to dip into the mixture and give to kids. After feeding, massage the baby's tummy, so he could "go to the toilet". Put the warm bottle, but do not overheat. The temperature should not be above 31 ºC.
Two-week baby can be given:

  • infant formula "Agusha" and Gerber;
  • porridge without sugar and milk;
  • fresh herbs grown at home.

Goes well with pumpkin or meat puree baby food, grated cheese, can be mashed egg yolk.

Three weeks the animal can be given crushed "adult" food. Continue to feed mixes to the age of one month. The kids grate the cucumber, carrot. Put in a cage a water bowl with water. Hamsters eat independently.

Pregnant and lactating female should be chicken breast, insects and boiled eggs. A sufficient amount of succulent fodder and water should always be in a cage.

What you can eat hamsters and what not

Favorite food for hamsters is selected empirically from a list of approved products. You have to understand that your pet may prefer one kind of food, but the food should be balanced. Try to choose from each category what animal likes to eat.

Daily diet hamster

You can eatUndesirableNot
Dry pet food for hamstersDry food for other small mammals and birds
NutsAlmonds, Brazil nuts, acorns, cherry pits and apricot
Sunflower seeds, pumpkin, melonWatermelon
sprouted bamboo sprouts oats, green wheat and alfalfaDrops for rodents, white and black bread, muesli and cereals
CerealsRice only as a remedy for diarrhea, boiledDry pasta
LegumesRed bean and her sprouts
The berries are sweetCurrants only sweet
Sweet seasonal fruits, bananas and chips from themWatermelon contains a lot of nitratesExotic (pineapple, kiwi, mango), persimmon, citrus
Raw and cooked vegetablesCabbage, potatoes, onions, garlic
Parsley and dill, clover, dandelion, nettle, saladSpicy greens, wild garlic, sorrel, grass of urban lawns
Dried fruits home dryingGlossy market the dried fruit and candied peel
The branches of fruit trees and deciduousPine branches

Animal protein should be given 2-3 times per week 1 type from the list

You can eatNot
Boiled chicken breastSausage
Yogurt or cottage cheese, low-fat yogurt are all products with 1% fatCheese, sour cream, cream butter
Chicken or quail eggSugar, salt, spices ,almonds, fruit juices, mint, candy sweets, ice cream, milk the cows and goats, mushrooms, honey
Butterflies, locusts, meal worm home grown or from a pet store
Lean boiled fish
Dry gammarus from the pet store

It is a full animal diet, where regular food combined with treats. Don't give him some "snacks" in the food must be all the elements: proteins, fats, fiber, carbohydrates.

What eats a hamster at home
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