Comparison of popular food Djungarian and Syrian hamsters

When the tiny rodent becomes a family pet, the owners want to extend his age.

Quality food for hamsters – the main condition for the health and longevity of your pet.If this information is not available, pour about ¾ of body weight of a rodent. Allowed foods – those that are marked "for hamsters", a mixture of other animals better not to give.

Food for Syrian hamsters

Food for Syrian hamster basically consists of grains and seeds. But this grain can be very different in quality. If to rank the feeds for hamsters, foreign manufacturers will be in the first place.

The best diet (1st place)

JR Farm Hamster

Dog food is a complete and perfectly balanced. Even if you don't give your hamster anything besides this compound, it can live a long and healthy life. There are sugar and honey, or artificial additives. Basis – cereals (millet, wheat, corn), and there are peanuts, beans, and a protein component: beef, fish, chicken.


Various ingredients provide the hamster with all necessary. Mixture rich in vitamins, contain (in addition to grains and seeds) dried vegetables, fruits and animal proteins.

These diets are divided not only by species of hamsters, but also by the type of feeding. There are a series of Nature (all components intact), and there are series Completecreated as an analogue of food for cats and dogs – in the form of homogeneous granules.


Vitakraft offers granulated diet for animals who suffer from selective eating. The manufacturer uses herbs, algae and exotic protein sources (mollusks, crustaceans, yeast) for a perfect balance.

Different diet brands differ in quality. The best is the Emotion, the Beauty, and the most scarce (and therefore flavored with honey) – Menu Vital.


Mix Grandmix Cricety contains many different grains and seeds, enriched with vitamins, but no protein component.

On the second place ranking

Fiory cricety

To reduce the assessment makes a large amount of honey (10%) and the presence of colorant, flavouring, preservatives.

Little One

Besides cereal contains sunflower seeds and dried vegetables.

Fiesta "Hamster"

Contains fruit and vegetable granules, seeds, nuts, packaging is sealed.

On the third place ranking

Other domestic brands are in third place:

  • Triol;
  • Animals;
  • Waka.

The grain mixture composed of 80% of uncleaned oats, seeds covered with a dye. Vegetables, herbs, protein foods and vitamins will have to add to the diet additionally.

Food for Djungarian hamsters

Food for Djungarian need to choose even better than the Syrians. Because of the small sizes is not recommended to give animals unpeeled oats and sunflower seeds – a possible trauma of the cheek pouch. And because of the predisposition of campbello and their crosses for diabetes, food for dwarf hamsters must contain the minimum number of "sweet" – honey, fruit.

Best food for Djungarian hamsters

JR Farm feast Classic

Contains the seeds of wild plants, plenty of animal protein and no fruit. Suitable even for months Jungaria.

Versele-Laga (Prestige) Mini Hamster Nature

Campbell is not suitable because of high carbohydrate content.

Chica-bio for Djungarian hamsters

Chica-bio was created especially for dwarf hamsters. It consists of vegetables with a low glycemic index (Jerusalem artichokes), meat as a source of protein, and birch twigs for grinding teeth. All components are of optimum size, which prevents damage to cheek bags.

How much is food for hamster

You can calculate how much to feed a hamster, if you know the weight of the pet. If the Syrian hamster eats in a day about 100 grams of the grain mixture.

Manufacturer The approximate price for 100 gram RUB. Expenditure on food in a month RUB.
JR Farm, Versele Laga 60 RUB. 1800 RUB.
Vitacraft 55. 1650 RUB.
Padovan 40 RUB. 1200 RUB.
Fiory 30 RUB. 900 RUB.
Little One, Little Animals 20 RUB. 600 RUB.
Vaca, Triol 17 RUB. 510 RUB.

For dsungarica this figure will be 3 times less, because of the dwarf hamster eats about 30 grams of the mixture a day.

How to make food for hamsters with their hands

To make food for hamsters at home is not as easy as it seems. Can be mixed with wheat, millet and oats, add some raw sunflower seeds, but such a mixture would not be complete. There are recipes of "fodder" for dwarf hamsters with diabetes. Their basis will be food for parrots, grain mix and the seeds of weeds.

Can hamsters gammarus

Little the fussiest of eaters sometimes ignore the "classic" protein feeding (boiled egg, chicken breast), but can happily eat dried gammarus. These small crustaceans are sold in pet stores for fish and turtles. Hamster you can give them once a week, a teaspoon.

Dried gammarus is preferable to fresh, and never give the Pets crustaceans caught in natural water bodies is a source of dangerous infections.

Can hamsters cat food

Hamsters trying to feed cat food as a protein source, which is necessary for pregnant females. Still dry croquettes help grind down teeth. But the consequences of such experiments are unpredictable. Even after one time the hamsters can begin diarrhea or dermatitis, and prolonged feeding of cat food disturbed functioning of the liver and pancreas, and even death.

Cat diet contains little fiber and too much fat. Although hamsters eat it with relish (and used to it), give it.

Can you feed hamster food for Guinea pigs

Mostly interested in the suitability of food for Guinea pigs hamsters, the owners of several rodents of various kinds. Experts warn that food for Guinea pigs to give hamsters is not necessary. It is suitable as a Supplement to the basic diet, but can not completely replace him. Guinea pigs eat grass. The hamster diet is 80% of the grain. The composition and nutritional value of their feed are very different. Diet Guinea pigs it contains up to 30% fiber, and hamsters – not more than 10% (6-8%). Diet for pigs suited to chinchillas and rabbits but not hamsters.


Food for hamster is the basis of his diet. Right good feeding will help to avoid many problems and enjoy socializing with healthy, happy pet.

Comparison of popular food Djungarian and Syrian hamsters
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