That like to eat hamsters: an overview of treats and Goodies

Daily meals of small rodents is to support the physical health of the body, to give him strength.However, what the finished products will suit your pet that he will eat with pleasure, and from what refuse, depend only on him. The host can choose treats for hamster based on its preferences, as well as the contraindications to the individual, breed or species.

Manufacturers do not always use the products for rodents only healthy ingredients, so make sure the hamster has not received a piece of food:

  • salt;
  • sugar;
  • fats;
  • flavors, flavor enhancers, artificial sweeteners and other unnatural additives.

All of these components is forbidden for feeding small rodents. Their use will cause poisoning and malfunction of different organ systems.

It is best to choose treats for your hamster, which include sunflower seeds, nuts, banana chips, dried vegetables and fruits. It is the favorite food of hamsters.

Have a look at what are offered by the shops:

  • various mixtures of berries, fruit, grain, which can additionally be enriched with vitamins and various mineral supplements;
Mix for hamsters
  • cereal sticks are also very diverse in its composition;
Cereal sticks for hamster
  • tartlets;
Tartlets for hamster
  • treat in the stump will serve not only as delicious, but will be more fun for your hamster;
Treat in a stump for a hamster
  • a maze or a house it is not only edible, but also a great place where the hamster can hide and rest.
Treat the hamster house

What to cook for yourself

If the store failed to find a decent product to please the animal, it is necessary to understand how to make sweets and treats for hamster with your hands.

Options for delicious and healthy meals for the little friends there is a great variety. To cook them very easily. Here are some recipes:

  1. Mix the pulp of banana and cereal. Roll into balls. You can add some raisins.
  2. Cut well washed and dried lettuce and clover mix, add walnuts.
  3. To the grain mixture, which usually uses rodent, add egg white (previously it is its a little beat up). Shape this "dough" little cakes, bake until firm in oven at 30-60 With.

Ingredients for salads and "cookies" can be varied independently, taking into account the preferences of a particular animal.

In addition to these homemade products, you can even offer the little sprouts of wheat, oats, millet. Fresh herbs are also included in the list that is most like the hamsters. To grow it is not difficult: take a small pot with soil, pour it into the remains of half-eaten animal grain mixture, cover with soil and water. A few days will appear the first shoots.

Something to treat your Jungaria

A treat for dsungarica should be chosen according to not only his personal tastes, but also characteristics of the breed. Regardless, I love hamsters Jungaria to eat, a sweet to give them is not recommended.

Some Djungarian hamsters love as a delicacy to eat insects (dried grasshoppers, worms), biting twigs is allowed to use the fruit trees. Recipes homemade treats, cited above, also suitable for tiny Pets only bananas they are encouraged to give not more often than once a week.

How to encourage the Syrian

Syrian hamsters food like all the same Goodies as other rodents, so feeding them should be based on General recommendations. As an incentive, in addition to the above the Syrians can offer dandelion greens. Some owners say that their Pets prefer such a treat.

Tips and advice

Choose treats for hamsters are a pleasure for their owners. However, we must not forget that giving treats is necessary in limited quantities, only to reward when training or for entertainment.

Replace delicacies main diet is unacceptable!

Do not offer animal Goodies from his table – he can't eat chocolate, cakes or sausage. Such dishes could seriously damage his health.

Canned vegetables and fruits and also food designed for other animals – is also not the best choice.

If you buy special sticks and drops for rodents, carefully study the composition.

Manufacturers know that hamsters love to eat and include in their products the most delicious components, but often added and harmful ingredients, designed to keep longer a delicacy or enhance its smell.

Do not let your baby immediately many unfamiliar treats – you should first offer the animal a small piece and observe its behavior. If the animal behaves normally for several hours, feel free to hang in the cage portion more.

Remove most of the pantries stocked pet treats. The pieces can deteriorate and cause poisoning.

That like to eat hamsters: an overview of treats and Goodies
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Thank you very much for this detailed article! My daughter and I read and memorized very carefully. I recommend to read to anyone planning to buy a house in these cute fuzzies, and give joy and happiness to take care of the pet your child!