Grains hamster: what to give and what not

The correct, full and however, a varied diet – the key to health and long life.But today, all the myths will be dispelled, and the answers found.


Buckwheat to give you need. It is part of most blends that can be purchased in pet stores.

This product will bring benefits to the body hamster thanks to the great content of vegetable protein and nutrients.

Deciding in what form to give this treat the hamster, you must first assess the condition. Sick rodents usually offer porridge, cooked in milk and no spices, but a healthy pet is better to feed the buckwheat in a dry form.

Millet and wheat

It's not the same, but completely different things. Wheat – grass, and millet is a cereal. The latter, by the way, I do not advise to give the hamster, so as to digest heavy food difficult. Well, or only in the raw state, to bowel was helpful.

Wheat a part of any grain mix. Moreover, sprouted the roots, it gives the hamster an incredible favor! You can cook yourself or buy. You need to offer just a few of the roots of the rodent. Everything that is not eaten, remove.

And Yes, very important point! The market is better not to take the wheat, it can be etched. Better to go to the pet store.


The product is allowed to enter into the diet can be steam, make like normal porridge. No spices and salt! The latter is very harmful, if not dangerous for hamsters.

Barley brings the same benefit to the body, like the Greek, nothing dangerous in the rump there. The only hamster may not eat it all, and part to drag yourself in the hole. It is better to remove such deposits, otherwise attractive delicacy will soon turn into poison.


Experienced Hematology I do not recommend feeding rice pet permanently, as this grain is more severe than the usual boiled buckwheat.

For the young and in case of sickness/diarrhea, the rice will be most welcome. But all necessary measure, so it's more "on duty" option.

Other grains

Granola, though it is not a grain, it is still worth to refer to the subject of the article. They can be given! In addition to the delicious fruit muesli contain sugar, the use of which is harmful to hamsters. These rodents nothing is spicy, salty and fried. Too much sweet is also not good.

Cereal can and should enter into the diet in the form of gruel steamed and not macerating. But if the hamster is healthy, then it is better to pour into the usual feed of oats in a dry form to the hamster gnawed. But liquid fit small or have a disease.
Sprouted grain oats (do not Mature culture, and young seedlings) will be incredibly useful for the hamster, however, despite the usefulness, the food must be balanced.

Semolina not bring a huge benefit to the body of the hamster, but if you decide to cook, it is better on the water. The fact that milk is a product that is poorly absorbed by the body of a rodent. Better not to risk it and give the buckwheat (the most useful and safest option).

Differences from the Djungarian hamster Syrian

This section was added in order that the reader avoid any issues, what kind of cereal eat each of the types.

All of the above about cereals applies to Djungarian, and Syrian hamsters, as they both differ only on several grounds:

  • the color of the hair;
  • the size and portion (Syrian hamsters eat a lot);
  • the speed of attachment (Syrian hamster will quickly get used to the person);
  • space; a large Syrian hamster – great house!

We are what we eat. With hamsters as well. To add to the diet of small rodent more different cereals and fruits and monitor the usefulness of food on offer.

Food should be nutritious and balanced. Besides, it is necessary to calculate the dose to the hamster did not leave large "deposits" in the house.

It's all difficult because they do not always feed, standing on the counter, will bring maximum benefits to the body of the pet, but mission accomplished.

Grains hamster: what to give and what not
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