Can a hamster banana?

Fruits occupy an important place in the diet of domestic rodents.The fruits of years of the reed plants are rich in potassium and magnesium that is good for cardiovascular, urinary and nervous systems.
Iron, also a large number of part, helps to increase hemoglobin. To the useful qualities of the product is the fact that he is able to quickly remove the feeling of hunger to return to power. These fruits are hypoallergenic.

Not less of these berries and harmful for hamsters properties:

  • high calorie (dangerous for individuals prone to obesity);
  • a large percentage of the glucose (for this reason, to give the bananas to the hamsters with diabetes, forbidden);
  • the ability to cause fermentation in the gut (due to a bloating animal will experience pain and worry);
  • too soft, viscous consistency (teeth kids constantly have to grind about solid food, otherwise they too will grow).

The fruit that is sold in our stores, already lost most of its beneficial qualities due to the long transportation process, so feed their Pets with the aim to saturate their body with vitamins and minerals useless.

After consultation with a veterinarian can offer sweet aromatic pulp depleted animals, recently overcoming his serious illness for a speedy recovery of body weight.

Based on the foregoing, the hamster give a banana, but occasionally, as treats.

Whether Djungarian hamsters banana

Give banana to Jungaria in the same mode as the representatives of other breeds. Because of the tendency of the tiny rodents to increase the level of blood sugar they should eat this sweet fruit once a week.

Can a Syrian hamster banana

Syrian hamsters banana will also be useful in small quantities. Do not suggest the animal is a treat and often a large portion. One piece must not exceed a weight of 5 grams.

Useful tips

If your hamster eating a banana with pleasure, no difficulty breathing or intestine, it does not have obesity and diabetes, you can feed him a favorite treat.

Be sure to watch just to see if he ate the offered piece. Thrifty kid could defer a small part of sweets for a "rainy day" in your pantry. This creates the risk that and the dish, and litter near him, and another food will spoil.

Some owners have noted that their Pets after eating the pulp of the berries had problems with breathing, because the pieces stick to the larynx and made it difficult to breath. If you gave the hamster a banana and then realized he was not breathing as usual, try to feed him something solid to "clean off" the adhering flesh from the throat. Never offer your pet a treat.

To Pets eating a berry with benefits for teeth, feed them with banana chips. They are solid and delicious. Included in some ready feed mixtures for pet rodents.

If you have a young healthy hamster and a banana – his favorite delicacy, feed their baby only after he eat the main food (cereals, vegetables).

The hamster with the banana legs – funny spectacle, but we should not indulge in this favorite food often. Better offer him allowed vegetables – carrot or cucumber.

Can a hamster banana?
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