Melon, pumpkin and zucchini for hamster

Every owner really wants to spoil your fun pet tasty, diversified eating habits.A large percentage of sugar containing dessert vegetable, harmful to small Pets, especially for dwarf breeds, tend to develop diabetes.

Besides, bocheva culture, before appearing on the shelves, always grown with chemical fertilizers, which are absorbed into the skin and penetrate into the flesh. Man this concentration is not harmful, but hamster dose can be fatal or cause severe disorder of the digestive system, manifested in vomiting, constipation or diarrhea.

However, if pet really wants to please, then you can give a hamster a melon in dried form. The piece should be very tiny and it is better to mix it with other treats. Such food like raw pumpkin seedsshould be included in the menu occasionally.

Can hamsters zucchini

Zucchini hamsters to give not just possible, but necessary. This healthy and juicy vegetable, rich in essential minerals and vitamins. However, it should be guided by certain rules:

  • you should give the Pets only the fresh pulp;
  • zucchini need to be alternated with other allowed vegetables;
  • it is better that the vegetable was grown in the garden, store-bought zucchini can contain harmful substances for rodents;
  • zucchini from the store, wash and peel cut very thick layer;
  • it is a perishable product, so you need to give it in small portions, and the remains immediately removed from the cell.
  • zucchini, canned industrial ways to give absolutely not allowed home canning without salt and sugar.

However, Djungarian zucchini should be offered with great caution. The extremely small size of the gastrointestinal tract of this breed can lead to the fact that the body can not cope with a large volume of watery and succulent feed.

Can hamsters pumpkin

Syrian, Djungarian and other breeds of hamsters, the pumpkin is permissible to give raw or boiled. It is recommended to offer only the pulp, such a treat should not be daily. Djungarian hamster because of its dwarf size, you need to give very small portions.
Pumpkin seeds are also useful for rodents products, but they must be raw and without additives. They have positive effects on the blood vessels of hamsters, and also have vermifuge effect.

Health little darlings to a large extent depends on how well they feed. The desire to please the hamster should not be to the detriment of his health, meals should consist solely of useful products, and then the pet will live a full life, amusing host his antics.

Melon, pumpkin and zucchini for hamster
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