Peas, beans and corn in the diet of a hamster

Hamster diet should be varied and, in addition to industrial mixtures that contain plant-based diet.Drugarice willingly eat pea grain raw.

Boiled peas can also offer pet. It should be prepared for long, not more than 10 minutes. It should be remembered that the digestive system of rodents are not able to cope with spicy, spicy and salty foods, so the use of any spices excluded.

Finished feeds are also peas yellow and green, which confirms the use of legumes for hamsters.

Can hamsters beans

Another kind of beans, useful for all species, including the Djungarian and Syrian hamsters – beans. It is recommended to give raw. If there is only packaging from the frozen product, after thoroughly defrosting it can offer the pet. The exception is the kidney beans, this variety can damage the health of the rodent.

Can a hamster corn

Of all the cereals to the greatest doubt among owners exposed to corn and products based on it. For hamsters will be useful:

  • fresh corn;
  • dry granules;
  • boiled on the cob.

If the pet barely eat dried seeds, they should be softening, leaving briefly in hot water.

Boiled corn can be offered to hamsters, if it is prepared without additives (salt, sugar). Before feeding it must be cool to keep pet from burns.

Can hamsters canned corn

Any canned food harmful to rodents. During production, various additives are used to make the product taste and extend shelf life. Preservatives can cause various diseases of the animal.

Can hamsters popcorn

Often owners want to please your pet by offering a treat on the basis of useful herbs.

Popcorn sold in the store is excluded because of its high fat content and added salt or sugar. But popcorn prepared at home from natural beans and do not contain additional ingredients will be a great treat for a hamster.

Corn sticks industrial production, cereal and other sweets based on corn should be removed from the diet of rodents. No useful minerals, and food additives and sugar are harmful to Pets. This is especially true of Djungarian hamsters because of their propensity to diabetes.

The alternative may be a corn gluten-free cereal produced for children. Cooked according to the recipe it will be a good substitute for store-bought corn sweets.
It is important to remember that a balanced and quality food affects the health and life of your pet. If you give the hamster only useful and necessary products, follow the schedule and rules of feeding, he will long to please their owners adorable little face and funny antics.

Peas, beans and corn in the diet of a hamster
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Didn't know you can or no corn to give to the hamster with your website convinced that it is possible. Our hamster for both cheeks ate greedily)