It worth to treat hamsters with a pear?

To diversify the diet of small rodents, fruit is imperative, as the juicy pulp quenches thirst and nourishes the body with necessary nutrients.Some animals, in the opinion of the owners, felt bad after adding to a normal diet this fruit. Others took normal new product.

In order not to hurt the hamster, pear, you can start to give him gradually. Once the pet to eat a small piece of fruit, it is necessary to take a break and follow the little one. If he behaves normally and the intestine is working fine, try to give the slice more.

Can Syrian hamsters and Djungarian

With the question, to give the Syrian hamster pear or not, also have to deal with the owner of a specific animal. Useful quality foods allow you to feed the baby, but the pet's intestines can not absorb that food.

To understand whether Djungarian bag, too. The juice of the fruit helps with diabetes, which often affects animals of this breed, so small pieces of Goodies will be useful for the baby. However, it is necessary to closely monitor the health of the pet to bowel problems did not bring him discomfort.


If the body of your pet accepts the food, try to give him only the highest quality fruit. It is best to offer baby ripe (but not perespevshey) fruits grown in his garden. Before giving the rodent a delicacy, be sure to wash it well, cut into slices and remove the skin.

What else vegetables and fruits you can treat your baby? Read about it in our articles on: how hamsters can potatoes, and what is not and whether hamsters beets.

It worth to treat hamsters with a pear?
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