Bakery products for hamster

Daily bread is on the table in every home.The primary source component for the preparation of white bread is a high-quality grain, but we should not forget that it is treated very seriously before becoming a finely ground flour suitable for baking. Also used yeast, various bleaches and other additives. These ingredients, when ingested in the digestive tract, are rapidly converted into large amounts of sugars. The body of the animal is not adapted to their learning, the more that the natural food of the rodent are raw seeds, nuts, berries. Excessive consumption of wheat flour products will lead to diabetes and obesity.

Based on this, hamsters are white bread, especially fresh, is not worth it.

Rye bread

Feed the hamster with bread from rye flour is also not recommended. There are a couple of reasons:

  • Contrary to popular belief, brown bread factory production does not only contain rye flour, but also a large percentage of wheat flour that hamsters are not very good;
  • The product has a high acidity, causing in the gastrointestinal tract fermentation, and, as a consequence, flatulence, constipation;
  • One of its components is the salt is very dangerous for rodents substance. Even when used in small doses salt causes of kidney disease and heart.
  • Do not expose the baby's health at risk and feed him so the wrong product.

Jungar hamsters are usually illegible in the food and eat everything they offer, so the owner should carefully monitor the diet of your pet. Djungarian bread, as wheat and rye, also should not be given.


Can hamsters give bread, dried to a state of biscuit, the question is not so clear. The teeth of rodents grow all his life, so they have to constantly grind down on something solid. For this purpose quite suitable dried wheat bun. Harmful properties of this product are lost in drying, so a little give hamster crackers can. But this only applies to crackers, prepared independently. The most appropriate option for the manufacture of crackers is bread with bran. It will not only be delicious, but even healthy treat for kid.

Any store-bought breadcrumbs contain small Pets prohibited substance – spices, salt, sugar, aromatic additives, flavor enhancers. These components when ingested will cause the animal disease of the heart, kidneys, stomach, intestines, and allergic reactions. Such a diet will shorten the life of your pet, bring him physical suffering.
The only exception to all the products of industrial production will be bread, but only those in the preparation of which is used only healthy ingredients.


Owners often wonder whether hamsters pasta. It is also wheat products forbidden components do not contain, so that the composition for food rodents a good choice. But there is a pitfall: raw products are too hard – they 'll hurt the delicate cheek pouches , and that children are their favorite treat should not be. Hamsters pasta it is better to boil, then you can surprise your furry friend with this treat, but only a little bit.

Do not forget that the basis of nutrition rodents should be a specialized diet, and offer the hamster bread or any other flour products should be gradually. Be sure to pay attention to the composition of the product, so as not to risk the health of the animal, because the diseased animal to cure it is sometimes very difficult.

If you still want to please your pet something tasty to cook him homemade cookies or offer a special treat for the hamster.

Bakery products for hamster
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