Some hamsters can potatoes, and what not

The quality of the food largely determines the degree of health and life expectancy of the animal.Consider all the options.

The benefits and harms of raw potato

First resolve the question of whether hamsters raw potatoes. In the wild, small rodents often hoard the potatoes in their pantries to feed them in the cold season. So this starchy vegetable is their natural food and, therefore, to give your hamster raw potato can. This product is useful in that it contains:

  • a large number of vitamins C, PP and group b;
  • folic acid;
  • a lot of potassium, calcium, fluorine and copper.

With moderate use, these components help prevent circulatory diseases, deficiency diseases, abnormalities in the fetus of pregnant females. Raw potato also has a positive effect on the digestive organs, reduces gastric acidity, eliminates constipation.

You can include this product in the diet of a sick animal, to improve the overall health of the animal.

There are, however, this useful product and some disadvantages. The starch contained in the tubers, when eating in excessive amounts will lead to obesity. This food can be useful only hamsters with reduced body weight.

Beware also give hamsters potatoes, green from a long stay in the light. This will lead to the poisoning of the kid, since the tubers accumulate a toxic substance solanine. It causes diarrhea, has a negative effect on the nervous system.

The properties of boiled tubers

Thermally treated vegetables you should include in the diet of rodents. Boiled or baked potatoes loses a relatively small amount of nutrients (especially if you cook it right in the skin) and becomes more tender, easier to digest. So the answer to the question of whether the hamster potatoes boiled or baked, like, needs to be clearly positive, but is not so simple.

The thus treated tubers contain a percentage of more starch than raw. So suffering from overweight hamsters boiled potatoes to give contraindicated.

Best vegetables to include in the diet of elderly individuals who find it difficult hard to digest raw food. To feed the pet better in small portions of treats. Salt or oil to use when cooking is impossible.

Potatoes in the diet Djungarian hamsters

Dzungarian dwarf hamsters, to the chagrin of their owners, often suffer from obesity and related to this disease condition – diabetes. So the tiny pet to stay healthy and happy, you should take preventive measures. Following a special diet will protect Jungaria, will prolong his life.

Due to the fact that the starch contained in potato tubers causes an increase in body mass, raises the level of sugar in the blood, Djungarian potatoes is better not to offer.

General recommendations for the consumption of potatoes

Before you treat pet a wholesome, delicious vegetables, carefully rinse it in water and inspect. If there are green areas or "eyes", or carefully cut off all green rind and a solid layer beneath it, or just pick up another tuber. Note that the solanine accumulates in the skin and under it, during long-term storage, so if the vegetables have been sitting for several months, feeding the core of the tuber.

It is best to use for power pet vegetablesgrown on their own, so as not to expose the animal to risk of poisonous chemicals. If confidence in the fact that vegetables do not contain hazardous substances, no, cut them into pieces and soak in clean water for several hours.
In any case, do not treat rodent fried tubers. This food is not suitable to the animal, because it contains salt and lots of fat.

Some hamsters can potatoes, and what not
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