Strawberry hamster — most importantly know when to stop

To the basic diet of rodents, grain mixture, it is necessary to add vegetables, fruits and berries.The consumption of this aromatic berry can improve the health of the animal and inflict damage.

Useful quality berries are high concentrations of vitamins A, C, E and group B. Their use will contribute to:

  • to improve the health of the heart muscle, eyes, liver;
  • the prevention of goiter, vitamin deficiency, arthritis, diseases of the endocrine and nervous systems;
  • to prevent the birth of sick babies (when used in pregnant females);
  • the prevention of cancer.

In addition the berry has a diuretic effect due to the large percentage of contained water and has a pronounced antimicrobial action. This helps maintain normal urinary system of the animal, protects it from infectious diseases.

Despite an impressive list of remarkable qualities of this wonderful berry, strawberry to give the hamster should be used with caution, because it is often the cause of allergic reactions and digestive disorders. The first time should offer a little piece of the berries and assess how the baby's body will react to an unknown product. If the hamster is eating strawberries with pleasure, and his health is all right in a few days try to treat pet mate large berries or a little peanut.

To avoid problems with the intestines, to enjoy a fragrant treat the hamster should not more often than once in two or three days, and it is best to give it after the main meal.

Strawberries can hamsters offer only well washed in running water. Collect in a clean place, ideally in your garden plot. If this is not possible, and you have to buy the product on the market, try not to buy "early" berries grown in greenhouses using artificial fertilizers and growth promoters.

Features feeding Djungarian hamsters

Loving dwarf hamsters owners often worry whether Djungarian strawberries. These babies have some health features that define the difference in their diet from other species of rodents. Drugarice-prone diabetes — a serious disease of the endocrine system. For this reason, it is not recommended to feed them with plenty of sweet fruit and berries. They also often suffer from obesity, arthritis, colds.

To avoid these troubles, Djungarian hamsters strawberries it is better to offer small portions. Then the sugar contained in the berries this summer, will not harm the health of the animal, and its inherent healing properties will serve as an excellent prevention of diseases of the joints, enhance immunity, protects against infections.


The answer to the question can you give hamsters strawberries, will be positive. It's tasty, wholesome food, but to overdo it is not worth it. Treat your pet treat this need in moderation, carefully watching the health of the baby.

Do not forget to check the hiding places in the home your pet. Rodents often hoard extra food for the future, and the berries spoil very quickly. We can not allow the kid ate a spoiled product is fraught with digestive disorders and even serious poisoning.

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Strawberry hamster — most importantly know when to stop
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