Milk and dairy products for hamster

Food domesticated rodents should be varied, to bring benefit to the body.Will reply whether it is helpful Djungarian hamster milk, and whether to offer this product to a Syrian.

What milk to give

Perfect food for the young of all mammals, the milk of his mother. The composition of this amazing liquid gives your baby everything needed for growth and development components. Tiny hamsters also drink milk, produced by glands of lactating females, with great pleasure and benefit for themselves. The growth of the need for that power disappears.
To offer a healthy adult hamster milk there is no need, the more that product that we buy in stores has been processed and does not contain such a number of wholesome components like fresh.

Giving hamsters milk if it is:

  • pregnant or lactating female, the body which needs support;
  • left without a mother the cubs are not yet able to feed themselves (in this case it is better to use infant formula, which will be advised by the specialist);
  • weakened by the serious illness of individuals (only as directed by your veterinarian).

For feeding in these groups of rodents should only use low-fat product is not more than 1.5% fat. Better to buy a cow, because goat is much fatter. The liver of hamsters is very sensitive to excessive fat, so the more lean will be the food, the better.

Should be well boiled, and then cool the milk before offering it to the rodent. The mode of feeding of pregnant or very young animals it is better to discuss with the doctor.

Cheese, sour cream, kefir, yogurt

Before you give your hamster cheese or other dairy products, you should carefully examine their composition. Once it is necessary to exclude products containing sugar, salt, flavorings, stabilizers, and other "chemical" additives. The body of the hamster is not adapted for the absorption of such substances. The kid will get sick, become lethargic and unhappy. Suffer digestive tract of the pet's urinary system, and heart and blood vessels.

If you have purchased a natural product, not containing harmful components, and want to try to give your pet this treat, you should pay attention to some moments. Most importantly – fat.

Let us examine whether hamsters sour cream. Because the fat content of this product does not fall below 10%, and small rodents are not able to learn so much, the cream hamster is undesirable to offer.

Many people believe that yogurt is very useful and should use it every day. In relation to domestic rodents, this statement is absolutely wrong. Yogurt the hamster will only bring harm.

This product not only has a negative impact on the liver of the baby, but can cause diarrhea or constipation (if the buttermilk is not very fresh).

Yoghurt, even natural ones, should also not be included in the diet of animals. Again, the high fat content of the product will cause a painful reaction.

If you are thinking about a protein Supplement for daily diet of the animal and thinking if hamsters cheese, the correct solution would be to introduce the lure, observing some rules:

  • use only low-fat cottage cheese;
  • buying the most recent product in the checked place because of poisoning of dairy products is extremely dangerous;
  • give curd 2-3 times in a month.

The use of curd in this mode, the body of the baby will take from it all the necessary without receiving any adverse impact on the gastrointestinal tract.

The owners of the Syrians and Djungarian

The owners of pet dwarf, wondering whether Djungarian hamsters milk, you can safely follow the recommendations above. Because the body these Pets are very delicate and sensitive, Djungarian milk can offer only fat-free and only to those individuals that really need it.

To give Djungarian cheese should be low fat, not more often 1 time in 10 days.

Syrian hamsters milk will not bring much benefit, so, on the basis of General recommendations for all pet rodents to feast on them only on the recommendation of a veterinarian. The cheese of this breed offer can be also guided by the rules for all rodents.

Other dairy products animals the two most common varieties should not be given, so as not to risk the fragile health of Pets.

Always consult your doctor to decide on the supplementary feeding of pregnant females and orphaned children.

Milk and dairy products for hamster
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