Is it possible to give the hamster a carrot?

The owners, well that takes care of the Pets, know for daily diet pet rodents, you must add fresh vegetables, but do not always know what specific.Solid treat helps kids to avoid unnecessary regeneration of the incisors. When the hamster gnaws carrot, he grinds off the constantly growing teeth.

How to enter into the diet

The optimum amount of fresh root for daily nutrition – a circle with a thickness of 1 cm.

Give the hamster carrot in large quantities should not be – little it won't eat up and hide in their coffers. Subsequently, the treat will begin to rot and spoil the other food in the cage.

It is impossible to avoid, because eating stale food can lead to heavy poisoning.

For feeding small animals it is better to use vegetables grown in their own garden. If this is not possible, and you have to give the hamster a carrot from the store, be sure to thoroughly wash it, clean the top layer and soak the slices of root in water for 3-4 hours. During this time, all the harmful substances that were in the vegetables during cultivation and storage (when handling pesticides or preservatives) dissolved in the water.

Some owners wondering if hamsters carrots, the last heat treatment. Yes, these vegetables can give the animal (only if they are cooked without salt), but the benefit he receives. When cooking the main part of the nutrients are destroyed.

Carrots for Djungarian and Syrian hamsters

Djungarian hamsters are carrots as good as the others. Be sure to give Djungarian carrots because these kids are susceptible to increased blood sugar and related problems with excess weight. This vegetable will help to avoid such problems.

Jungaria carrots are necessary for optimal health.

The Syrian hamster must also get his portion of vitamins and minerals, so don't be afraid to offer your pet the orange delicacy.


If your hamster eats a carrot with the fun, don't limit him. The use of vegetable for the body of the rodent is very large. Just give him a quality product, correctly handle the root and ensure that the baby is completely ate all the pieces of the treats.

Do not forget about variety in the diet of your pet's health is important not only vegetables, but also legumesand succulent greens.

Is it possible to give the hamster a carrot?
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