Meat, chicken and sausages in the diet of a hamster

Holders of Pets often ask questions of their food.Hence, there are questions about whether hamsters meat, not just vegetable food. Hamsters can and like to eat meat, but they are not everything. Consider what kind of meat you can feed the pet rodents.

Can hamsters meat

There is a misconception that if you feed your hamster meat, he will become a cannibal. Pet rodents need animal protein for the normal development and maintenance of forces.

The meat must be cooked, raw meat will be harmful.

It is undesirable to give a hamster meat from the following list:

  • pork;
  • lamb;
  • fatty beef.

Fatty food has a negative effect on the liver of the hamster, causes obesity.
One of the sources of animal protein that hamsters love to eat are eggs. In eggs contains a balanced complex of all necessary for life: vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Can hamsters chicken

Chicken meat is obligatory in the diet of the hamster. It contains such microelements as iron, phosphorus, potassium, and is rich in vitamins of different groups. The most useful elements contained in chicken breast. Why hamsters need to give breast cooked without salt and spices. It is a great meat diet, which will only benefit the health of your pet.

Can hamsters sausages

The body of the hamsters are very sensitive to food, regardless of the type of animal. Djungarian hamster and the Syrian hamster are the most common types of pet rodents. They differ from each other in size, but their diet the same, which means the Syrian just as likely to suffer from harmful his food as gungari.

Sausage and sausage is a processed meat. This product contains a huge amount of fat, spices, salt, not to mention the preservatives, dyes, and other things.

This part of the stomach of the rodent just don't recycle. Therefore, to give the sausage hamsters impossible, and even strictly prohibited, as pet may not refuse such treats, but the consequences to his health will be more than terrible.

Can hamsters fat

Fat is the concentration of a large amount of fat. Therefore, to give the fat hamsters impossible, animal fat contributes to the increase of cholesterol in the body. Fat is hard to digest in the stomach of a rodent.

Can hamsters fish

Fish, as seafood is a very healthy food. It contains almost no saturated fats. Conclusion – the fish hamsters to give you need. Fish is rich in iodine and vitamins a, D, E.
Hamsters don't eat meat only fish, but also cod liver oil and fish oil (one drop in food once a week). The use of these products is as follows:

  • liver and fat strengthen the immune system;
  • the fur will look healthy and silky;
  • the hamster will never be pain;
  • fish is good for maintaining good eyesight.


Thus, meat is a must in the diet of the hamster. The meat should be divided into little pieces and give your pet small portions.

Here's a General list of what can hamsters as protein foods:

  • boiled chicken (without salt and spices);
  • boiled lean beef;
  • boiled fish (without salt and spices);
  • fish oil;
  • the liver of the fish;
  • eggs;
  • cottage cheese (1% fat);
  • meat puree.

Meat, chicken and sausages in the diet of a hamster
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