Cucumbers — tasty and healthy

Vegetables, both raw and heat-treated, must be part of the daily diet of hamsters.These vegetables are rich in:

  • vitamins (C, folic acid, b vitamins);
  • digestible trace elements (iodine, fluoride, copper);
  • macro-elements (potassium, calcium, phosphorus, and sodium).

Green juicy fruit, thanks to this valuable composition, have a beneficial effect on the heart, blood vessels, nervous system, normalize metabolism. Great for food rodents, obese, constipation.

The answer to the question if hamsters fresh cucumbers, like, no doubt, but there is a caveat. Great qualities of this vegetable will bring hamster the benefit only if they are grown in ekologicheskaia place, without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and other hazardous substances.

It is important that the pet has received a fresh fruits collected in their natural season.

Hamsters eat cucumbers with great pleasure, but rodents under the age of 1.5 months, give this product should not be. An adult should offer him no more than once per day. Before you give pickles the hamster, wash your fruits. It is also recommended to cut the skin, especially if they taste bitter. If vegetables bought in a store or on the market, and not built in your garden, it is better to slice them and soak for several hours in water that is guaranteed to get rid of the danger of poison pet hazardous substances.

Canned vegetables

In the cold season when high-quality fresh vegetables available, people consume canned fruits, processed salt, sugar, spices, vinegar or other preservatives. Feed the hamster cucumbers prepared this way, is strictly prohibited. Salt causes rodents diseases of the urinary system, spice and vinegar have a negative impact on the digestive tract, are a cause of allergies. Sugar contributes to diabetes. Help hamster to get sick.

Cucumbers in the diet of Syrian and Djungarian hamsters

Syrian hamsters cucumber can be given, focusing on their condition. Because this vegetable has a laxative effect, it would be right to feed baby with constipation. If the pet is suffering diarrhea, it is better some time not to include the product in the diet.
Dzungarian dwarf hamsters are often prone to diabetes and obesity, they are forbidden to eat a lot of sweet berries and fruit, but a cucumber to Djungarian will bring only benefits. Feed them a pet in moderation, paying attention to the influence of the vegetable for digestion. In case of diarrhea, discontinue temporarily treat the baby with this product.


To give hamsters cucumber a must. This product is part of the natural diet of rodents, has useful properties, helps to get rid of some health problems. However, to treat this delicacy should only adult animals in moderation. You must also carefully ensure that the vegetables have not been processed threat to the health of the animal substances.

Cucumbers — tasty and healthy
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