What nuts can you give hamsters

Before adding into the diet of your pet's regular foods, you should get an idea about the peculiarities of feeding.Just 2-3 pieces a day and not every day, otherwise the pet will begin to gain weight.

Small breeds, especially Jungaria, walnuts should be offered in smaller amounts, as the Djungarian hamsters are prone to obesity.

This delicacy is well-suited in order to make friends with the pet. You need to give the hamster a walnut, keeping his palm. The first time may fail, therefore in case of refusal, the food should be left in a cage to hamster ate it himself, and to keep trying the next day.

Can a hamster hazelnuts

Hazelnuts contain vegetable protein, therefore, refers to useful food products.

Due to the very high percentage of fat (60-70%) should be no more than 1-2 times a week.

Standard daily dose is half a cookie. Djungarian and other dwarf breeds will have enough quarters.

Can hamsters peanuts

Peanuts can also be a nice treat for the pet if confined to half a few times a week. Purchase peanuts, the last heat treatment with the addition of salt or sugar, categorically not suitable Pets.

Can pine nuts hamster

Pine nuts to eat with pleasure all breed.

The recommended serving size for a Syrian hamster – 4 stuff, Junggar enough for one.

This stems from the fact that increased fat content may adversely affect liver pet. You need to limit pet, despite the fact that most hamsters love these nuts more than others.

Can hamsters cashews

Another form of food that is recommended to offer the hamsters cashews. They are rich in vitamin E, deficiency of which in rodents can begin a skin disease. Half a day would be enough.

Can a hamster pistachios

Experts argue whether it was permissible to give the rodents pistachios. Some sources indicate that occasionally they can diversify the menu favorite. However, also, it is believed that this product can harm the health.

If a hamster eating nuts with gusto and even begging for them, it is recommended to consult with a breeder, credible and with a veterinarian watching a rodent on the usefulness of including pistachios in the diet of the pet.

Can hamsters almonds

Almonds are absolutely contraindicated in these animals due to the fact that it contains hydrocyanic acid.

For rodents it is a poison. For the same reasons, unacceptable feeding plum, apricot and peach pits.

General rules for feeding hamsters nuts

There are a number of General recommendations that need to be done to diversify the menu a small rodent without injury to his health:

  • a treat you can give no more than 3 times a week;
  • it is important to alternate the types of treats;
  • hamsters only raw nuts, any Supplement, the roast should be completely excluded;
  • it is necessary to clean a treat, as the shells can injure the mouth, damage the cheek pouches or break teeth;
  • unacceptable feeding peanut butter or pasta due to the presence of food additives and high percentage of fat.

When you follow these recommendations and compliance with the General rules of feeding the hamsters, the pet will stay healthy, happy and tame, after all, tasty treats – the perfect way to teach your pet to sit on the hands of the owner.

What nuts can you give hamsters
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