Why give a hamster tomatoes — it is important

Inexperienced owners, worrying about your little pet, I'm afraid to enter in the animal's diet of new products.It is necessary for the correct operation of the intestine, the ingestion of vitamins and other nutrients. So give a hamster tomatoes even necessary.

Tomato is one of the leaders on the content of essential body components. Due to the large amount of vitamins C, PP, K and b group, and minerals (manganese, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium) this product helps:

  • to avoid diseases of the nervous system;
  • to normalize the metabolism;
  • to improve the cardiovascular system.

Fiber contained in these vegetables, prevents constipation, and lycopene helps to prevent the appearance of tumors.

Why not to overdo it

Like any other product, tomato with excessive use can harm the delicate body of the hamster. Can disrupt the work of the intestine, kidney, can develop allergies.

You can not give hamsters a tomato grown in winter in a greenhouse using synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and other harmful chemicals. Use for feeding a baby only those fruits that are guaranteed to not contain these poisons. Best suited grown.

In any case, do not treat pet canned vegetables. Salt and vinegar will cause irreparable harm to the health of the rodent. Unripe fruits are also contraindicated.

Tomatoes for Djungarian and Syrian hamsters

Djungarian tomatoes can be offered, respecting common rules.

Syrian kids to buy these fruits have a little less often. They are not recommended for arthritis, but this breed is susceptible to pathologies of the joints.


As a result, the answer to the question of whether the hamster tomato — Yes, it is possible and necessary. Just watch out for the quality of the fruit, buy them in season natural ripening or grow it yourself and not feed your pet immediately with plenty of Goodies. Wash vegetablesbefore you treat pet and never offer him immature or canned fruits.

Why give a hamster tomatoes — it is important
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