Can hamsters sweet: honey, sugar and chocolate

The owners of small rodents often wonder about what Goodies you can treat your pet if hamsters honey, biscuits, chocolate and other sweets.In any sweets contains a very large percentage of glucose, which is the digestive tract of Pets is not able to cope. Such treats can cause serious illness that lead even to the death of a hamster. This is especially true of Djungarian who have a genetic predisposition to diabetes.

Also the answer to the question, why is honey harmful to a hamsters lies in its ability to cause allergies. Even a small amount can cause Djungarian and Syrian hamsters, severe allergic reactions up to anaphylactic shock. A similar effect can be observed in other breeds.

Honey for medical purposes

However, some veterinarians recommend the use of a small amount of honey if the pet is ill:

  • postojannogo often give the animal warm water with milk and a drop of honey;
  • if a lack of vitamin E caused pet liver failure, one of the treatment options, may be included in the diet of honey in doses that are assigned to a veterinarian;
  • in the long-haired Syrian hamsters hair formed pellets that clog the intestines and can cause death of the animal. To prevent suggest 1-2 times a week to lubricate the hair with a small amount of honey. Rodents – large sweet tooth, they lick, and hairs accumulates in the stomach, sticking to honey, derived from the body of the hamster.

Before bringing these recommendations to life, you need to consult with a doctor and make sure that the hamster is allergic, and he tolerates such procedures.

Drops for hamsters

In pet stores are often sold drops for hamsters. This snack almost always contain honey or sugar. Giving treats to Pets is not more than 1 time per month. For dwarf breeds of Jungaria and roborovskogo, this treat is contraindicated because of the tendency to endocrine diseases.

Can you give hamster chocolate and sugar

If honey hamster will not harm and may even be a cure, the sugar and chocolate do not carry any useful properties, but stresses the digestive system of your pet and create a huge surplus of glucose. Therefore, sweets should be completely excluded from the diet of a rodent, despite their great love for sweets.

Body hamsters are very delicate, and their health depends on proper and balanced nutrition. If the rules for feeding the disease will pass a pet party, and it will be fun to ride on the cage, delighting the owner.

Can hamsters sweet: honey, sugar and chocolate
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