Can hamsters beets

Experienced rodent owners include in their menu a variety of vegetables, but the newcomers are often lost: can hamsters beets cooked and raw, as is the case with carrots and peppers, are permissible if the potatoes or cabbage.Proponents of another viewpoint believe that the root is at best useless, and at worst has a negative impact on the body of the animal.

If you really want to please the pet and to give the Syrian or Djungarian hamster beets, to treat it 2-3 times a month, and the slice size should not exceed the thumb nail. A higher frequency could trigger allergic reactions or cause diarrhea. Small rodents are extremely difficult to tolerate any disorder of the digestive system.

Can hamsters beets boiled

Boiled vegetable is also suitable for the baby, but there are a number of conditions:

  • boil beets have a very short time, in order not to lose nutritional value;
  • absolutely can not add water to the salt and any spices;
  • the frequency of treats should not exceed a few times a month.
  • slice boiled root size should not exceed a feast of raw beets.

It must be remembered that one replaces the other treat. That is, within a month you can offer the hamster 1 raw and 2 cooked slices. Djungarian hamsters beets should be offered in smaller quantities.

How to give a hamster beet: recommendations

To treat didn't hurt the little pet, you must follow several rules:

  • to verify root, it should be completely fresh with no signs of rot or mold;
  • choose only the vegetables from your garden or purchased from approved sellers who definitely are grown without growth promoters and chemical fertilizers;
  • in any case not to allow the pet have the roots if the garden is located near freeways or industrial enterprises;
  • after tasting the first time to observe and make sure that the beets did not cause allergies, and chair of the animal is normal.

Like advice from experienced owners of hamsters is very simple to implement, but will save the health of the rodent. To diversify the diet of the pet need, but we should give the Syrians and Djungarian beets on a bit, preferring by far useful and necessary for the body products. Then the kid will be fun to jump on the cage, vigorous and cheerful.

Can hamsters beets
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