Can you give hamsters parsley and dill

Wanting to diversify the diet Djungarian hamsters, the owners sometimes spoil their cute Pets not only slices of vegetables and fruits, but grass and leaves of plants.This plant acts as a natural laxative and promotes soft bowel movements and eliminate toxins;

  • useful Djungarian dill, as a prophylactic, to prevent cystitis and kidney disorders, as herbs has a diuretic effect.
  • Rodents love to eat fresh greens, but do not forget that hamsters to give dill a daily basis, you should not. The plant is injected into the menu, fluffy favourites, as a complement to food and it should not be a staple food.

    Can a hamster parsley

    A useful source of vitamins and minerals is parsley. It is desirable to include in the diet of small rodents at least twice a week.

    Benefits of parsley:

    • the composition of parsley is part of the substance is collagen, which enhances immunity;
    • it is recommended to give the greens to elderly animals, as it is an excellent prevention of arthritic diseases;
    • due to the high content of ascorbic acid in parsley is shown to Djungarian with vitamin deficiency;
    • useful fresh parsley for females during pregnancy and lactation, as it protects the organism of future mum from viruses and infections, and makes milk more nutritious;
    • include parsley in the menu of rodents is desirable for the prevention of colds and diseases associated with the digestive system.

    As with any fresh herbs, give the hamster the parsley should be limited, as this plant can cause of pet diarrhea.

    Can a hamster lettuce

    Fresh lettuce is a favorite food of hamsters, so we can safely turn the greens into the diet of your pet. Prior to treat rodent tender salad leaf, it should be thoroughly rinsed under running water and dry with a cloth or paper towel.

    To give hamsters lettuce can be two to three times a week.

    Can a hamster spinach

    Spinach gladly eat as Syrian hamsters and Djungarian representatives of the breed.

    Fresh spinach contains a lot of useful substances and the greens it is advisable to give small Pets at least once a week.

    Especially spinach rodents who suffer from constipation and diseases of the digestive system, as it normalizes the intestines and has a laxative effect.

    Can hamsters sorrel

    Sorrel is one of forbidden foods for Djungarian, because this plant contains large amounts of acid. Oxalic acid can cause heartburn and bloating have a small pet, which in turn is fraught with problems of the gastrointestinal tract.

    Can hamster green onions

    In the list of foods that are bad for small rodents includes green onions. Give the hamsters a bow is impossible, as in the green much sugar and its consumption may lead to obesity.

    Can hamsters mint

    Mint leaves harmful Djungarian, because it contains menthol, which irritates the gastric mucosa that can cause ulcers or gastritis. Rose petals, petals of tulips and other garden plants you can not enter in the diet of small Pets.

    Can hamsters Basil

    To offer your furry pet Basil as treats is not recommended. This spicy plant with a high content of essential oils of Basil which are harmful to the digestive system of rodents.

    Can hamsters mushrooms

    Give hamster mushrooms is strictly prohibited!

    This product, as raw and boiled is the Bane of furry rodents and its use may even lead to the death of a pet.

    To give the hamster fresh herbs not only possible, but necessary, but it must be remembered that plants are an additional source of vitamins, and not food, so they can not serve as the main food in the small rodent.

    Can you give hamsters parsley and dill
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