The grapes for hamster

Introduction of succulent fodder in the diet of rodents is a prerequisite for health and longevity.There are a lot of carbohydrates, organic acids, vitamins and minerals. Eating it in food is helpful for:

  • improve heart function;
  • maintain normal function of urinary system;
  • treat anemia, normalize blood.

But have these berries and negative characteristics. Peel it causes flatulence, digestive disorders. Large amounts of sugar leads to weight gain (especially if your hamster is always in a cage and doesn't move much).

Proceeding from all this, to answer the question of whether hamsters grapes, it is better so: Yes, but with restrictions.

Introduction to the diet

Treat your furry friend juicy sweet berries should be following simple rules:

  • Don't let big grape – baby not mastered all the treat and will save that part for later in their coffers. Soon the remains will deteriorate, and pet serious poison, if you decide to try their stocks.
  • Try to choose ripe berries because unripe grapes will cause diarrhea. They are also very acidic, which is harmful for the stomach of the rodent.
  • It is better to buy for pet grapes are green, not black, and pitted.

    The seeds of this fruit to feed rodents is prohibited.

  • Black varieties can be given, but with limitations – no bones and quite a small amount, because these varieties are more sweet than green.
  • In order for the berries benefited, and not hurt the hamster, offer their pet is not more than twice a week, one by one, and only in case if the baby is not to eat candy on this day.
  • Well wash a treat.

If you give hamsters grapes, by following these recommendations, the berries will deliver them the satisfaction of a pleasant taste and not only harm health, but will benefit.

The grapes are of the Syrian and Djungarian hamsters

Tiny Pets Junggar breeds require a special diet, often because you are prone to diabetes. Sweets (fruits and berries) in the diet is better to include in very moderate quantities, so as not to provoke the disease. Djungarian grapes you can give just a little bit.

Syrian kids can eat the berries in the normal mode, one a day twice a week. For them, eating grapes is particularly useful because the substances contained in this product help to prevent diseases of the joints, which often suffer these rodents.


Feed your Pets properly, don't forget about common sense, consider the health of specific individuals. Sweet berries rodents is not contraindicated, but if there is any doubt that your kid suffers from obesity or diabetes, the better his health not to risk and not to aggravate the situation.

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The grapes for hamster
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