How to feed hamsters apples

Veterinarians recommend necessary to add to the diet of rodents in captivity, fresh juicy fruits.It is good to eat to foods to:

  • to strengthen the immune system (due to the high content of vitamins);
  • to maintain normal cardiovascular system (this will help potassium);
  • to increase hemoglobin (this fruit has a lot of iron);
  • to improve the composition of blood (this figure is affected by copper, zinc and other trace elements).

In these familiar to us the fruit also contains a lot of fiber, which positively affects intestine peristalsis. Feed apples and rodents need to prevent the development of tumors.

Why not give too much

Despite all the wonderful properties of these fruits, it is better to observe moderation and do not overfeed the animals. The basis of food needs to be special grain mix. Negative consequences from excessive consumption of fruit will manifest increased flatulence, stomach problems, excess weight and level of blood sugar.

Features of introduction to the diet

The hamster can only ripened apples because an unripe fruit will cause diarrhea. Also matter the age and condition of the animal – pregnant females, babies (up to 1 month), and elderly individuals of these fruits should not be given. These hamsters can't digest large amounts of fiber and will suffer indigestion.

In the winter, instead of feed the animal is purchased in the supermarket are not very useful fruit, it is better to give him dried apples. Collected from your own Apple trees or bought in the autumn the fruits of local varieties should be procured in advance. A feeding will be much more useful fresh, but treated with preservatives fruit.

Which brand to choose and whether it is necessary to process the fruit

Before you choose the fruit for feeding, you need to understand whether the hamster Apple sweet varieties, all without acid or rather very sour.

The high content of fructose in sweet varieties is not helpful to small rodents because of the risk of diabetes. Too sour fruit will have any adverse effect on the delicate stomach of the baby. Better to give preference to sweet and sour varieties, ripened preferably in the area where you live.

To avoid poisoning of Pets, apples with the skin should be treated. Have purchased fruit is better to cut the skin. If the fruits harvested in your own garden, simply wash them carefully.

Before you buy a furry friend, you need to remove all the seeds, because they contain dangerous for rodents hydrocyanic acid and should not be allowed to kid ate them.

Apples for Djungarian and Syrian hamsters

Because of the dwarf breeds of domestic rodents have some of the features of health before the first time to treat their an unfamiliar product, it is necessary to find out whether Djungarian hamsters Apple.

Yes, it is a useful Supplement to the diet of the baby. Just start to give Jungaria Apple should be careful with this little piece. If the body will react to a new food well, give more treats.

On the question of whether to give the apples to the Syrian hamsters, the answer is also positive. A toddler can offer them, following the normal recommendations.


Apples are useful in any species of domestic rodents. It is a good complement to the main diet and a delicious treat, but to feed the kids this succulent fragrant fruit following small restrictions. Then the Pets will long to please you with health and cheerfulness.

What else vegetables from the garden you can treat your hamster? Read about it in our article about whether to buy a hamster pear and why it is important to give hamsters pamidaR.

How to feed hamsters apples
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