Eggs in the diet of hamsters

Protein Supplement to the daily diet of domestic rodents may consist of bought in the pet store feeds.The yolk is the most useful for the baby part, but protein is also should not refuse.

To purchase the product only in secure locations. You also need to closely follow the expiration date, not to poison the baby.

Is it necessary to carry out the heat treatment

Salmonella is a very dangerous disease not only to humans. Give hamster eggs that have not undergone heat treatment to risk the health and life of Pets. This can be done only if you are absolutely confident in the health of birds.

The bacterium perishes at a temperature of 55 – 75 With, so boiled eggs are definitely safe.

Chicken or quail

Quail eggs contain even more nutrients than chicken. They have greater nutritional value, restore the immune system weakened by illness of the body, help to strengthen blood vessels, hypoallergenic.

Their only drawback is the price, which is higher than that of chicken. However, if you are ready to give your pet the best, no doubt that this food would suit him.

When and how much to give

Despite all the useful properties of eggs, their excessive use will adversely affect the digestive tract of a rodent. In accordance with the recommendations of veterinarians, the maximum number of product – a third or half chicken quail eggs 1-2 times a week.

Some owners care about whether the hamster a boiled egg to produce a healthy bite. Yes, you can give directly so you can chop, you can grate on a fine grater, mix with shredded carrots and your favorite cereal with a mixture of animal. Try different options, but the pet will choose as he likes.

To add to the nutrition of Djungarian and Syrian hamsters

Djungarian hamsters eggs can be given in the same volume as the others. For them it is the same useful product as for the other. If your gungari agrees to the introduction in the diet of this storehouse of vitamins and minerals, do not deprive him of such delicacy.

Syrian hamsters can also eat eggs (always boiled) in the usual way of feeding, common to all breeds.

Consumption of protein foods in small amounts are mandatory for the hamster. If your pet refuses to eat the egg, you should be sure to give him boiled chicken and low fat cottage cheese.


Eggs in the diet of hamsters
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