Can a hamster watermelon

Summer is the main time for fruits, berries and vegetables.Reasons for rejection of berries are many, are all guidelines for proper nutrition are urged not to feed the hamsters this products. This requirement is due to the fact that:

  • With high probability will be hammered cheek pouches, which could then lead to breakage of the teeth;
  • Fertilizer, which stimulated the growth of culture, penetrate into the flesh and can cause severe poisoning and even death;
  • An excessive amount of glucose, which eliminates the opportunity to make a watermelon Djungarian with a genetic tendency to diabetes;
  • Excess fluid can cause disorder of the kidney and genitourinary system of all species, including the Djungarian and Syrian hamsters;
  • The composition of watermelon pulp also affects the functioning of the digestive tract of small Pets, causing diarrhea or constipation, which may end in the death of a pet.

In some cases, you can give the hamster a watermelon

However, there are always exceptions. In the case where the owners live in the area where grown large berry, is allowed to give hamsters watermelon, subject to certain rules. Culture should be expressed independently of the host hamster, only it remains confident that growth was not used harmful pesticides and nitrates.

You must also bear in mind that this treat can be offered occasionally. A tiny piece will be sufficient to once every 2 weeks to treat pet.

Watermelon rinds – what is the impact on the hamsters

Watermelon rinds absorbs harmful additives and growth stimulants faster than the pulp. Therefore, they should completely eliminate their rodent diet. Even in the case of self-cultivation of watermelon is recommended to refuse such treats.

How can I replace watermelon

Hamsters are big fans of treats, but you should not go at them on occasion and give everything they asked. Instead of giving the Syrian or Djungarian hamster watermelon, it is better to offer cucumbersthat are allowed for this species of rodents. You can also please the darling little strawberry. In an extreme case, you can offer a small piece of melon, sun-dried with no added preservatives, sugar or spices. Rodents love seeds, so raw, they will also be a great treat.

The small size of rodents and the delicate digestive tract require serious attention of the owners to their diet. And how would not like to buy the baby something delicious, you must first find out whether the hamster watermelon and how he brings a new delicacy. Proper feeding of rodents – the key to their health and fulfilling life.

Can a hamster watermelon
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