Can you feed hamsters cabbage

Opinions about whether it is permissible to give the hamsters cabbage, vary.It is from these factors depend on the good or harm of the product.

Can a hamster cabbage

There are some rules about which it is important to keep in mind when preparing the menu for hamsters:

  • the vegetables are allowed in the period from August to October;
  • the maximum dose is 50 g a day: dwarf breeds, including Djungarian cabbage need to give in half the volume;
  • most varieties can be offered only cooked;
  • there are species that are strictly forbidden to rodents;
  • to feed hamsters cabbage every day you can give them a piece of 1 every 3-4 days.

Can hamsters cauliflower

Cauliflower is desirable to include in the diet, it contains large amount of vitamin C. This variety is useful for all breeds, it can be given raw or lightly cook.

Brussels sprouts

Vegetable protein, complex of essential vitamins and valuable nutrients, make the vegetable beneficial for rodents. It regulates the life processes of animals and is easily digested.

The answer to the question, why pregnant females and hamsters with sensitive stomach is not Brussels sprouts, lies in its properties. The first from the use of the product can occur premature birth. For the second it is harmful, as it has a laxative effect.

Can broccoli hamster

Broccoli for rodents important in its nutritional value. Stems and legs is useful in the greatest degree. They contain fiber and are needed for hamsters vitamin complexes.
Hamsters eat cabbage this species and fresh, without prior heat treatment.

Can hamsters cabbage

Chinese salad cabbage, it is recommended to enter in the menu, it contains a large percentage of moisture. With its help the intestines detoxify. Also the feeding of the Beijing salad allows the animal to obtain the necessary minerals.

Patsy – a vivid example of the affirmative answer to the question of whether the hamsters eat cabbage. It is a favorite treat for all breeds of rodents.

Hamster to give cabbage of this variety can be in its natural form without any risk to his health.

Can hamsters cabbage

The usual for people a vegetable becomes the source of much debate when it comes to diet rodents. The obvious benefit is expressed in a large number of vitamins, however, it is believed that can be provoked flatulence and disorders of the digestive organs.

Definitely not to give Djungarian and Syrian hamsters the cabbage raw. This requirement also applies to other breeds. Welded a piece of sheet can be occasionally pampered pet, but you want to closely monitor his condition and behavior.

Can hamsters red cabbage

Hamster to give cabbage of this variety is strictly prohibited.

Along with onions and garlic, it leads to bloating, creates a serious burden on the stomach and intestines, the digestive tract do not. Can develop the disease, leading even to the death of a pet.

Feed small pet should be varied, so most cabbage varieties may be present in the menu, however, it is important to observe moderation. Then fluffy animal will be healthy and happy and will continue to please owners.

If your pet does not like cabbage or it is poorly absorbed by the body, then replace it with zucchini and squash or peas and corn. These crops definitely will appeal to your pet.

Can you feed hamsters cabbage
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