Cookie hamster

Pet rodents often happy something crunch, and the sight of the owner involuntarily drawn to the dry crackers.Also salt, sugar and food additives, which are used in the manufacture of a product harmful to Pets, especially Djungarian, by their nature sklandymo diseases of the endocrine system.

Dry biscuit is the only valid option, but it is better to make biscuits for hamsters with their hands – this option completely guarantee the absence of chemicals and preservatives, which may be part of the simplest biscuits.

How to make cookies for the hamster at home

Before to prepare and give a hamster a cookie, you should accurately determine what ingredients can be used without harm to the health of the baby, and then choose one of the recipes that can be given to all breeds of hamsters.

In the first recipe of the usual pet food and raw whites of the eggs. A biscuit for your hamster absolutely harmless, and the kids enjoy his bite. For cooking need:

  • pour into a deep bowl of egg white and whip it with a whisk;
  • add the food in such a quantity to make a thick mixture and mix;
  • lay on the molds and spread on a porcelain plate.

The second option cookies will be a great treat for a Syrian hamster, and Djungarian it should be given with caution due to the addition of sweet and starchy banana. To prepare delicacy as follows:

  • a small piece of greenish banana to RUB on a grater;
  • mixed with the usual food, the substance should be thick;
  • put in molds and put on a small plate.

Both need to bake in microwave oven 1 minute. It is recommended to do 1-2 cookies, because they are very short-lived stored in the refrigerator, and a large portion of the hamster won't have enough time to eat.

With the ability to make their own treats for Pets, to the question, but will a hamster cookies, often give a positive response. However, it should be remembered that this permission applies only to the pet treats and apply for industrial pastries. A little spent on cookie making time with a vengeance kompensiruet happy kid, full of confidence in the safety "Goodies" and wonderful health pet.

Cookie hamster
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