The importance of water to the body of a hamster

Buying a rodent as a pet, many wonder if the hamsters drink water.Other arguments in favor of that water to a hamster is needed.

In nature

And the Syrian hamster, and gungari come from arid regions, steppes and semi-deserts. The animals avoided open waters, and during the rare rains they are hiding in burrows. Usually, people do not understand that drinking hamsters – the inhabitants of the desert. Source of water for tiny animals is the dew that falls at night. They lick the drops with plenty of grass.

Water demand

In the home environment is far from natural. Nevertheless, it is important to provide your pet free access to water.

Dwarf hamster weighing 50 grams drinks of 2.5-7 ml per day, the Syrian is much more proportional to the body mass.

The need for a drink may increase or fall, depending on diet and conditions.

Causes of increased thirst

High temperature

In a hot and stuffy room or in the sun water is the only available rodent thermoregulation mechanism. Hamsters drink water to avoid overheating (heat stroke) and dehydration.

Pregnancy and lactation

During the periods of pregnancy the female predictable starts drinking much more than usual. This is normal, in any case, you cannot constrain it to a liquid.


  • Diarrhea

Whatever the cause of the diarrhea (poisoning, infection, wrong diet), with indigestion hamster loses a lot of fluid. The drink helps to restore water-salt balance and rather succulent fodder, which can aggravate problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

The opposite of diarrhea is a problem: some dry food can trigger constipation, which is very dangerous for rodents. If the hamster has the opportunity to "wash down" food, it profilaktirujut koprostaz.

  • Diabetes

Excessive drinking and urinating is the main symptom of diabetes, which is so exposed hamsters, the Campbell.

  • Kidney problems

If the hamster drinks a lot and writes a lot, but the level of glucose in the blood above the norm, one can suspect disease of the urinary system.

  • Pyometra

If a hamster when a single content is starting to drink very much, thirst indicates inflammation of the uterus (pyometra). This way the body tries to get rid of purulent intoxication.

Water for your hamster

If the owner is in no doubt necessary to feed the pet, it asks the question – what is the water to water the hamster. Perfectly filtered or bottled. Change it in the drinking bowl every day.

What kind of water to give the hamsters – raw or boiled – depends on what you mean by "raw" water.

Water from a natural pond must be boiled for disinfection. Otherwise the rodent may pick up worms or infection.

Also a moot point – can hamsters give water from the tap. Many owners do just that, but often it contains too much chlorine, which reduces the life of the pet. Chlorine and its derivatives are destroyed by boiling.

Harm boiled water is the accumulation of body salts in constant use, and hamsters is also suffering from urolithiasis.

Boiled water is called "dead", it loses in taste, a hamster may refuse to drink for this reason.

People know that drink not unbearable in nature – dew drops. The closest thing to this not drink raw water from the tap and a good bottled low mineralization.

If the pet is sick, especially when the refusal of food, you need to know how to give a hamster so he quickly recovered. Dyspepsia is rice-water and weak chamomile tea. Colds – Echinacea. The drinker often add ascorbic acid and liquid vitamins for rodents.

Thinking about what can be drunk hamsters: the liquid should be water-based. Valid weak decoctions of herbs, grains. Milk leads to severe digestive disorder, alcohol tinctures toxic. Deadly soda and sweet drinks. Better not to experiment and give regular fresh water.


There remains no doubt regarding the fact whether the hamsters water. Even if the animal drinks a little from the point of view of the person, the fluid it needs. And in certain situations access to the drinking bottle can save the life of the pet. Let the animal decide – he wants to drink or not.

The importance of water to the body of a hamster
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