The Angora hamster — fluffy the representative of the Syrian breed

The Angora hamster is a hamster with long fur, which is so desirable to hold and never let go.They like a temperate climate, dry and warm. Specimens chosen for resettlement areas with abundant vegetation.

There are known cases when in the same litter are born long-haired and short-haired hamsters of different colors. Unusual shaggy kids with uncharacteristic (not Golden) color was dying out in the wild. But at home, they found admirers and is able to live a long happy life.

Breeders tried to fix the mutation phenomena Syrian hamsters, so there were Angora hamster with bushy hair and rare colors: white, grey, cream, black, tortoiseshell. Very impressive looks Angora hamster Syrian male, wool of 5 cm, the female is more modest, only 2 see the First time they began to breed in 1972 in the United States. Nubbins look cute, so very popular with children of all ages.

Distinguishing features of the subspecies:

  • luxurious wool;
  • the lack of a tail;
  • cheeks quite large;
  • front paws delicate, thin, petite;
  • the body length of the adult hamster is 10-12 cm, weight not more than 180 g.

Features of the breed.

How is shaggy hamster? This is a Syrian hamster and it has its own characteristics:

  • Syrian hamsters live in separate burrows, but not far from the fellow;
  • I like to sleep, especially in winter;
  • the female bears offspring 14 days in spring (period of activity) in one family, the light appears about 15 kids.

Externally fluffy hamsters like Guinea pigs, are sometimes confused with these animals. The sizes of Angora hamsters significantly more Jungaria.

Particular care

Long-haired Syrian hamster needs a thorough grooming, the coat needs regular brushingto pull out the tangled debris. Here the main thing not to overdo it, to bathe the baby in water is contraindicated – it can get cold. The baby itself will take care of his "hair". Install the cage in a tub filled with sand – the pet will be bathed and cleaned out

Cage and accessories

To make the child comfortable, buy a cell size of 50×30 cm. A good option – dwelling with cross bars. In a cage must necessarily be a wheel diameter of at least 20 cm This applies to the house, it needs to be larger than for short-haired kids. Angora hamsters love all kinds of mazes, tubes, so they can buy a small diameter multi-storey housing. Well if the floors are connected by pipes, ladders or other loopholes.


Content "lokhmatov" practically does not differ from short-haired counterparts, but they have a long coat that eliminates the shavings as litter – she becomes entangled in wool. For "lokhmatov" as a filler suitable wood pellets.

Grooming the Angora hamster

Check that you lovingly create will appeal to angico. In the care of an animal is no big deal, there is one "but" – it's a long coat. Remember, she looks beautiful, but only if well maintained, otherwise the baby will turn into a sloppy creation.

The wool is hairy, it must be brushed, cleaned from debris and entangled particles. As combs you can use a toothbrush. Not superfluous will be to purchase a cleaning powder for long-haired hamsters. It is important to make sure that the coat is less polluted.

Feeding Angora

Hamster Angora unpretentious in feeding is the same diet that other domesticated rodents, the main thing is to feed the time with quality food. If the baby does not have enough vitamins and minerals, "hair" might look ragged and unkempt. So fluffy Syrian hamster breed beautiful look, do not skimp on feed.


In vivo hamsters use dry plants for building nests, and feed on juicy, so the greens do not exclude from the diet. Of fruits they love to eat bananas, pears, apples. Vegetables – carrots, zucchini, eggplant. They also need protein products. What to feed Angora hamster also purchase food and treats? To get a full set of vitamins, once a week give him boiled egg yolk, breast, low-fat cottage cheese or yogurt.

You need to ensure that shaggy hamster ate only fresh food.

Periodically poweraide, dragged the kid leftovers in the house – he can be poisoned sour foods.

Favorite foods:

  • oats;
  • corn;
  • millet;
  • flax seeds;
  • green grass;
  • dried fruits;
  • nuts.

Prohibited products

Do not give treats, which is composed of dyes, preservatives, harmful additives. Representatives of this breed is absolutely contraindicated potatoes, citrus fruits, garlic and onions as well:

  • salt;
  • sweet;
  • exotic fruits and watermelon;
  • honey;
  • almonds;
  • sorrel;
  • canned, smoked, pickled foods.

If you give a kid a slice of watermelon or salty nut, he will not die. But may cause problems with the gastrointestinal tract. And why take the risk? These animals and so few live.

The duration and way of life

The Angora hamster doesn't need a roommate, so if you have multiple fuzzies, make sure that each had their own cage. If in one home to live a few individuals, be ready for a serious fights.

Remember that Angora hamsters are territorial animals!

Angora hamsters at home can live up to 3 years. Known cases when representatives of this breed live longer, up to 3-4 years, but only with good care. The world is a record, lived for 7 years.

The baby lived for as long as possible, you need not only good care, but also to choose the right pet. Look carefully at his coat, she needs to grow evenly, even on the balls of the feet, to be pure in the anus. The eyes should be radiant, and the nose dry.

Deviation from norms can lead to serious illness and death of pet. When compared with congarinni, Angora hamsters rarely get sick, they have good immunity.

Important: the child must visually you like.

How much does an Angora hamster?

Buy baby with hands on bird markets, pet stores. A hamster with long hair in the average price of 200-300 rubles. If you search well, view ads, you may get a pet because hamsters are very prolific. The Angora hamster is inexpensive, but to provide him with the proper conditions, will have to spend.

Hamsters live an average of 1.5-4 years, during this time is it a must to buy food, optional – vitamins, accessories.

Cage is the first to buy the pet, you're not going to keep it in the Bank? Fluffy the hamster is not a member of the reality show "Behind the glass". The kids will be uncomfortable. The Bank close, it will not put the wheel and cozy house for sleeping. The cage is well ventilated and it is easy to clean. The average price of a cage for an Angora – 600 rubles. If it is greater and the price correspondingly higher.

The nature and training

Angora hamsters have a gentle nature, is their main advantage. Fluffy hamsters against the people are friendly, get along with children. If you believe the reviews the owners are lovely creatures, they can go to voice of the master, if he communicates with the baby. To tame the Angora hamster, do not hesitate to talk to him. After he will not be afraid of you, carefully take the pen.

If you buy a baby aged 1.5-2 months and once you start training , he quickly accustomed to the tray, and learn other skills.

The Angora hamster is a very delicate and vulnerable creature, so try in his presence do not cry, and behave calmly. Despite this, the Angora rodents are very bold, so the first meetings are not afraid of man. They are fun to cheer yourself up, observe the behavior of the baby during the period of its activity.

To summarize

Content features a shaggy-haired Syrian hamster species:

  • Not demanding in terms of content and almost silent, except for night time. To hamster not to interrupt your sleep at night it can be sent into the hallway or another room.
  • Consumes little feed.
  • One of the manifestations of affection from the master.
  • The Angora hamster without any problems breed in captivity.

The possible complexity of the content:

  • The Angora hamster bite if your hands smell something tasty or you scared him.
  • Baby is prone to obesity, so take care of the gym, a minimum set of – cross-country wheel.
  • To care was the highest quality place in the cell the following attributes: a drinking bowl, a bath for bathing sand, chalk stone.
  • By lowering the temperature to 10 degrees, Angora hamster may hibernate.
  • Because it is a rodent, it can chew everything that gets in his way, so allow walking only under your supervision or in a fenced area.
  • Uncleared cell can become a source of unpleasant odor.

Now you know that the Angora hamster is the Syrian variety of the breed. To have your fluffy lived a long and happy life, do not overfeed it, pick a balanced diet, clean cage, selite him roommates.

If you were scared by the stories that hamsters are aggressive, I can grab the finger, you know, the cute-the angortsy is not the case. Hamster quickly get used to you and become a true friend.

The Angora hamster — fluffy the representative of the Syrian breed
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