Roborovskogo hamsters – the smallest and unusual

Not so common among lovers of small animals hamster roborovskogo.Drugarice can reach 10 cm, roborovskii 2 times smaller, so they are rarely confused.

Comparative characteristics of the two breeds presented in the table.

Comparative characteristics of hamster roborovskogo and Dzungaria

Jungar hamstersRoborovskii hamsters
1Very good breedNot so easy to breed, the litter is from 3 to 6 kids
2The back is decorated with a wide strip on the head clearly "traced" lozengeThe band is absent. Usually have a grayish-brown color and have a white belly, white "eyebrows"
3A very small tailThe tail is not visible at all, hidden in the fur
4Not tolerate the neighborhood with their own kindMore friendly to other canines, it is sometimes possible to include gay group
5Communicative, go to the contact with the person in need of itLive your life, it is almost impossible to tame, wild and shy
6The standard lifespan of about 2 yearsLive to 3.5, sometimes up to 4 years
7A good choice for a child of primary school ageNot suitable for young children: very mobile, easily jump out of hands
8You can keep in standard rodent cages.For the maintenance of suitable plastic or glass containers, as animals can squeeze through the bars
9Rarely biteNot inclined to bite, though, the only one of all the relatives, not able to injure teeth human skin
10You can easily buy are not uncommonNot so common
11InexpensiveThe cost of the animal may be much higher than the price of Jungaria
12Sharp muzzleSnub-nosed muzzle

How much is a hamster roborovskogo

For the price of a hamster roborovskogo different from peers in a big way. They are more rare, they are difficult to breed. The cost per animal ranges from 1000 to 2000 rubles. You can buy cheaper, to 500 rubles, but in the market it is not worth doing. There are kennels involved in breeding of these kids.

Buying from educated breeders, you will receive the documents on the animal and warranties by sex and age.

How many animals make

It is interesting to include a couple animals. They have a very busy life, they are energetic and agile. For the joint stay in the same area suit two females or two males. Better if it's relatives who grew up together. Between other people's Pets may fight. Sometimes they can keep a group of the same sex, but not desirable.

You should not put in the same cage two males and one female, will be a brutal fight.

When buying heterosexual couples, animals need to keep separated. To produce offspring, you can unseat them together only for mating. Do not immediately match animals in the same room. Put the cages next to or separate them with a partition, let the animals meet, sniff each other.

Colors hamsters roborovskogo

Color hamsters roborovskogo can be:

  • platinum;
  • motley;
  • husky;
  • husky cinnamon;
  • variegated cinnamon;
  • agouti (lighter fur on the ends, darker toward the skin);
  • white.

These animals are no stripes on the skin. Abdomen and eyebrows white. Eyebrow color typical for these kids. Muzzle in the field of whiskers also white. Appeared in Russia and animals cream color.

How many lives the hamster roborovskogo

These animals are less domesticated, they have kept their natural resistance to disease. Their lifespan in good conditions can reach 4 years old, which is rare for other breeds.

Mobility babies require sufficient space. You will delight them with a large number of tunnels and devices for running. Houses, mink, running wheel – a guarantee that the animals will feel comfortable. The wheel must be solid, not to hurt the little feet can get stuck in the cracks of the movable structure.

Content features of the breed

In captivity hamster roborovskiy prone to stress.

He doesn't like hands and has almost no need for human contact, it is easy to panic.

The animal needs to be protected from external noises, sharp sounds, especially in the first days of stay in a new place.

It is not necessary to remove it from the terrarium or cage. It will be uncomfortable, and it can easily escape. You can catch it simply by placing a trap with a favorite food in travel.

This breed is the most interesting for observation. The animal is very active in the evening or night time and diversity of social relations in the group.

Food and cage for the animal

You need space area of 70x50 cm, if two kids, everyone needs to make shelter and a separate wheel for Jogging. Wheel size approximately 18 cm Floor to sand 2-3 cm, put a drinking bottle, feeder, mineral stone. Twigs, moss, and anything that can serve as a shelter for kids will provide them with comfort.

If the hamster is calm enough, you can gently teach them to toilet, by placing the litter in the cage, training can only children.

The diet of the animals standard, meets the needs of other breeds. The animals eat:

  • mixed grain;
  • vegetables;
  • fruits;
  • greens (except spicy);
  • wheat,
  • millet.

Kids consume protein foods in the form of eggs, cheese, cereals, fish, meal worms. You can give the chicken good quality. This food is especially needed for pregnant females.

Do not feed the animals food from the table, canned food, spicy greens, damaged or processed products.


Breeding hamsters roborovskogo need to know the following:

  • you need to keep a couple at the age of 4 months;
  • pregnancy in females occurs in the first day and lasts 22-24 days;
  • generations last about 2 hours;
  • the pregnant female is deposited and does not bother;
  • rodelsee the animal becomes aggressive, do not touch the children, refrain from cleaning the cells;
  • children are born blind, deaf and bald and weigh 1 g, the body length of 1 cm;
  • lure the babies out of necessity soaked in milk bread, steamed millet or buckwheat, clover; later add protein foods and sprouted grains;
  • family separation is carried out after 23 days from the day of delivery.Remember! Not allowed to touch the kids hands, leave them on your scent. Food the mother gives them herself, and to correct fallen from the nest baby by using spoon or tweezers.

This breed is interesting for its natural habits do not end up domesticated creatures. It will not serve as a toy, but will introduce you to the fascinating world of wildlife.

Roborovskogo hamsters – the smallest and unusual
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