Chinese hamster

The charming rodent, somewhat resembling a mouse or rat, and are called the "Chinese hamster".They are easily recognizable thanks to the distinctive color, the body structure and the tail length.

Stands 3 typical types of color:

  • standard – brown body with a light belly and a dark stripe along the back;
  • calico also has a bar, six mixes of white and gray shades;
  • the white varieties characteristic black color of the eyes.

The body length of the "Chinese" comparable to other species of rodents – from 7.5 to 12 cm. the Large size typical for males. Legs considerably longer. Front – four-toed, the rear has 5 fingers. The face is expressive and clearly discernible cheek pouches.

Chinese hamster

Features lifestyle

The natural habitat of this species is Mongolia and Northern China region. Chinese hamsters most of my life spend in burrows, leaving a very short time. The main period of activity occurs at night, the animals Wake up after sunset, but in captivity sometimes rebuilt on the daily "lifestyle".

Like many members of the species, "the Chinese" have bad eyesight but excellent hearing and an acute sense of smell differ. Long tail helps to climb vertical objects and jump. Movement speed is extremely high, so rodents are difficult to capture.

Living in the wild, animals feed on grains and insects. For them characteristic of single accommodation, but the maintenance of the house it is possible to combine 2 opposite-sex individuals in the same cage provided that they are Dating from a young age.

Kids Chinese hamster

Home contents

Animals are great Pets, however, the decision to have such a pet you should consider a number of features in content:

  • It is not recommended to plant a new rodent to the group that has developed due to a prolonged existence together;
  • Pregnant females show aggression towards the "husbands", so the cage should be plenty of shelter-houses for the fathers;
  • When buying a cage you should pay attention to the frequency of twigs: kids can easily get through the wide gaps. Effective alternative for the placement of pet – aquarium , plastic or glass;
  • It is necessary to ensure rodents adaptations for running and active games animals – unable to sit still, plus they are extremely curious. Need wheels and different subjects for the study, placed in the habitat;
  • The basis of the diet "Chinese" – specialized mixtures of cereals with vegetables. It is sometimes necessary to diversify the menu of crickets, or small portions of chicken meat;
  • Young, older individuals and females during the lactation period will benefit milk porridge;
  • The variety is especially susceptible to the development of diabetes, so sweet should be completely excluded.

Breeding rodents in the home are different difficulties, so take it a few breeders. The reproductive period in rodents starts at 60 too, it lasts a short time. The duration of pregnancy is from 18 to 21 days.
With proper home care, the Chinese hamster can live to 3 years. Their activity and curiosity make animals funny creatures are fun to watch. The friendliness and kindness allows often to take them up. Such Pets are able to delight and pricked owners, and a reasonable approach to the content helps to preserve their health.

Chinese hamster
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