The colors of Syrian hamsters

The first Golden hamster was discovered in Syria, after which animals were brought to Europe.It is similar to the color of mahogany. So it is also called Syrian hamster peach color. The roots of the hairs are painted dark gray, and the ends – black tone. The belly is much lighter, painted "ivory". Golden hamster has characteristic features gray ears and black eyes.


This shade appeared at the turn of 1985-86 in France because of a mutation. Due to its large size in the US, this kind of hamsters styled "Black Bear".

Characteristic features is the "okolnosti", i.e., the hairs should be painted along the entire length from root to tip in jet black color. According to the rules of exhibitions allowed in the presence of the white coloration of the tips of paws and white chin. Found Syrian hamster black with white tummy, but these colors are considered married.


White color is often confused with "ivory" even the most experienced breeders, because they're very similar. Syrian white hamster has a white coat, kontroliruemoi with grey ears and red eyes. The copies of "ivory" are found with red or black eyes. To distinguish between these two color only placing animals next.


The fur of the animals has a silver white color, bright colors. At the roots it is dark gray-blue color, the tips are black (with the exception of the area of the abdomen). Grey Syrian hamster has distinctive features: dark grey, close to black ears, grey spot on the breast, stripes on the cheeks with black tips.

Additional shades

Through selection shows the many shades, the popularity of which is constantly growing. The most common are:


Very rare, obtained by crossing "dark gray" color with "rusty". A third of the length of the hairs of the fur pale gray-brown tones, the roots of gray-blue tones. The abdomen is painted "ivory". The tips of all the hairs evenly covered with ticking brown or dark beige. Distinctive features are: dark beige ears, the same color marking on the breast and stripes on the cheeks. The last two parameters can be brown.


Cinnamon (aka red-haired Syrian hamster). Coat painted bright red or brick color with grey roots, abdomen "ivory". Distinctive features are: the Crescent moon on the breast of ivory, light blue-grey strip of the cheeks.


Withdrawn in 1958. The coat of the animal on the sides and the back varies from pale red to orange-brick shade, tummy – "ivory" breast painted brick-orange tone. Features are: brown stripes cheeks area ivory beneath them, flesh tone lugs.


Coat the entire length bright copper hue. Ears of hamsters painted in copper-gray tone. Allowed the presence of white tips of paws and white chin.


Variety of color as much popular as gold. Coat all painted a cream color. The abdomen may have other shades.


Coat of rich chocolate brown tone with brown roots. The abdomen has the same color, but slightly darker. The ears are black. Permitted in the exterior painted in white chin and tips of paws.


Also removed by artificial means. Fur is a bright, dark yellow with a yellow "ivory" from the roots. Tummy and stripes cheeks painted "ivory". Across the coat has black ticking. In addition, marked dark gray, almost black ears and bright, dark yellow spot on the breast.


The animal has a yellow-brown coat with a dark cream belly fur.

Smoky pearl

The hairs of the fur on the entire length painted in gray and a cream color. Area breast can be dark or light tone.

Chocolate sable

Launched after 1975 Coat of milk chocolate with a creamy roots. With age, the animal becomes lighter. The characteristic features of the species are dark gray ears, cream circles around the eyes. In the exterior allowed the white of the chin and the tips of the legs.

Blue mink

Fur gray-blue color with a slight brown tone and with roots in ivory, close to white. Ears are flesh-gray. The color is a valid coloring of the legs and chin in white tone.

Colors of hamsters is impressive. As you can see them above, color can be uniform or vary along the length of the hairs. Therefore decided to classify the animals on the solid and agouti, respectively. In addition, colors can be accompanied by the presence of colored spots located in different areas of the coat.

In addition to a large selection of colors, bred and long-haired Syrian hamsters. These are called Angora hamsters and they are also very diverse in color.

The colors of Syrian hamsters
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