Siberian hamster

One of the most common of the dwarf hamsters is the Siberian hamster.The life cycle of these species is small, like all members of the family of rodents. Moreover, the life span under natural conditions is 2-2. 5 years, and in captivity up to 3 years.


In appearance the Siberian hamster resembles a fluffy ball with invisible ponytail. In a length of 7-10 cm. the Average weight of the animal is 25 g, while home maintenance may increase to 50 g.

Basically, the color of the hamster presents black-and-grey with brown longitudinal stripe on the back and light gray belly. In addition to the usual coloring withdrawn sapphire and pearl color individuals. On the head are dark, almost black eyes and small ears. The presence of cheek pouches used for collecting and carrying food. Short legs legs with five toes covered with hair.


Most fans of rodents wish to know everything about Siberian hamsters. The presence of peculiarities in the behavior and the characteristics expressed by the following criteria:

  • Siberian hamsters are called white Russian dwarf hamsters due to the special properties to change the color of the coat: from grey to white in winter;
  • adults are calm and slow way of life to young;
  • mainly Siberian hamsters spend a nocturnal existence. With the onset of darkness, which serves as their protection from a meeting with the insidious predators – foxes and owls out in search of food.;
  • orientation in space using mustache allows animals to determine the width of the loopholes and the distance between the objects;
  • the smell of marked territory rodents easily get to know each other;
  • heterosexual individuals breed live together only during the mating period, and during the rest of the time we live separately and protect their homes from the attacks of other animals;
  • with the onset of the age of three, females are able to breed with a pregnancy, amounting to 19 days.


Residence hamsters can be seen not only in the vastness of the natural environment, but also in the home atmosphere. No matter where they live rodents, they are well adapted to any situation.

Natural living environment

In the wild hamsters Siberian live on hilly and flat plains. Living singly and in small groups. Formed community does not accept adult beginners. Housing animals are mink, who they pull in moves of tunnels to a depth of 1.5 meters. The maze of the many moves has a place to nest and store food reaches a length of 8 meters.

Males occupy up to 12 hectares of housing area. The territorial character of a hamster, let you carefully to protect the home from intruders. Females live nearby and are under the care of the stronger sex. Their territory is much smaller than the male.
In winter, the rodents have to go into a long torpor to survive extreme cold. This process cannot be called a hibernation because the animals have to periodically Wake up to eat.

Home furnishings

At home hamsters quickly adapt to the environment. For a comfortable stay they are perfect special home or a small cage. These animals are sedentary, do not have the jumping ability, so as another option for housing you can use a glass cage without a roof, or aquarium. A small house inside the home is a place to sleep and shelter.

The conditions of detention and care

Care and maintenance for the Siberian hamster at home involves feeding and cleaning in the residence. Nutritious food of the animals consists of seeds, nuts, seeds, vegetables, greens and fruits. Finished feed can be purchased at any pet store. Fresh water for the animal should be kept in the troughs.

Necessary accessories for rodents are: running wheel, ladders, slides and tube tunnels. They help to compensate for the animal motor activity. Bedding for the animal can be used wood chips, compressed sawdust or torn pieces of white paper. To clean the cage is recommended 1 time per week. Comfortable temperature to places of detention is considered an indicator from 18 to 25 °C.

Unpretentious quality Siberian hamsters can be attributed them to the most popular breed for keeping in the home environment. Small rodent brings into the environment of joyful bustle and affection.

Siberian hamster
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