Syrian hamster: description, care and maintenance at home

One of the most popular representatives of the breed is the Syrian hamster, but it is no less interesting.The main coat of gold, but there are other colours.

Below are some of the colors of these animals according to international standards:

  • beige;
  • yellow;
  • smoked;
  • copper;
  • sable;
  • dark chocolate.

Beautiful photos with descriptions, see the colours of the Syrian hamster.

Feature hamsters in the length of hair

Animals differ not only in color, but the coat length. Standards emit long-haired individuals. Moreover, females have slightly shorter hair, this is not considered a marriage. There are animals with a short coat and smooth coat (satin). There are fluffy and hairy — Angora. Like cats, hamsters can have a coat Rex the coat is covered with short or long curly fur. There is absolutely bald types – hairless.

Where did the breed

The first description of this animal are dated 1797. In 1839, this rodent was discovered in Syria, after which the details did not appeared for nearly 100 years. In 1930 in England delivered a family of 4 animals, the progeny of which formed the breed known throughout the world.

Length Syrian hamster and its weight

By international standards, the animal should have a length of 12 cm, strong body, round ears, bulging eyes. In domestic breeding the animals reach a length of 20 cm.

Weight of hamsters varies from 100-125 g for males and 115-140 g for females. The "Syrians" can weigh above the norm – 200g and more. We are talking not only about fat individuals, but also the big chunky animals.

One of the breeders was carried out a dangerous experiment for weighing babies of all ages.

Never repeat this experience! It can cost the life of little hamsters.

The weight of infants:

  • newborn – 1.5 to 3.5 g;
  • age 1 week – 4 to 10 g;
  • 2 weeks – from 8 to 25 g;
  • 3 weeks of term – from 15 to 52 g;
  • 1 month – from 20 to 84 g.

Lists extreme values of weight as kids grow unevenly. After 1 month the weight of females and males differs.

Odoriferous glands in hamsters look like moles or warts

All animals of this breed are symmetrically located on the sides of odoriferous glands. You can see them on young males or Mature males. The hair in the location of the glands in the young differs in color from the main cover. Under it is the rough build-up, like a sore or cluster of points. The females have glands less noticeable.

This is used on the animal for placing labels on-site. Before
these males are far cancer.

Scared males smell stronger activation of odor occurs and the appearance of the opponent.

The nature of the hamster and its acquisition

Before you choose a Golden animal, pay attention to his behavior. Cute animals are not the same in nature, each of them is a person. If a hamster is aggressive, which is not as common, perhaps this is a peculiarity of his character. Ladies are more prone to bouts of bad mood. They are somewhat larger than males.

As a rule, the Syrian hamster has a good disposition, easily to people, willingly communicates with them.

Choose active animal with clean skin and without discharge from the nose and eyes. A healthy animal is moved vigorously around the cage and not itching constantly.

How to feed and care for animals

Content features of a rodent

Proper care of the Syrian hamster involves protecting the animal from stress. You cannot bring an animal and put it immediately on display. Noises and a large number of new experiences can lead to disease. Fright little one can faint or bite the new owners.

Hands and his household should be taught gradually.

Carefully place the animal in its new home and give him time to settle in. An animal that feels insecure, is pressed against the floor of the cell and moves slowly, looking around. If the animal has settled, it will quickly examine housing, running in the wheel to "dive" into the house.

How to care for Syrian hamster

To ensure the rodent a decent life in your home requires a cage or terrarium is not less than 60x40 cm It must be equipped with a house, wheel, hideouts, a feeding bowl and a drinking bottle, toilet, bath sand and mineral stone.

The floor must cover the sawdust with a height of about 2 cm, so that the animal could dig burrows.

The hamster prefers solitude. He hates the neighbourhood of their relatives.

List of animal feed includes dry mixture, greens and protein foods. Do not feed the baby remains off the table. A list of permitted and prohibited foods , you will find on the page dedicated to the feeding of the Syrian hamster.

"Syrians" are nocturnal animals. Their activity is manifested by evening and night. It is necessary to consider when choosing a place for the cage. Don't put her in the bedroom at night will be noisy.

Don't Wake the animals in the daytime is a lot of stress.

The smell in the cell appears, if the animal is incorrectly contain or rarely cleaned the cage. Depending on the housing size animal the procedure is performed from 1 to 3 times day to 1 times a week. During cleaning remove the spoiled food from the reserves of your pet. Daily change the water in the drinking bowl.

Do not leave your pet unattended while walking on the open space

Syrian hamster – pet flat. To his dangerous elevation. Animal easily steps into the void and injure themselves when falling from the table or out the window.

Bathing hamsters is unacceptable

Proper care of Syrian hamsters does not include water treatment. This desert animal copes with the hygiene of the skin itself. To clean the coat put him in the tray with sand. Some animals have the pleasure of wallowing in it.

What is the distance you can run through animals

An experiment was conducted, how many hamsters run for the night. It turned out that the baby covers a distance of 6-7 km with an average speed of 2 km\h. In nature, this furry creature is able to conquer the distance to 12 km.

Another experiment was associated with the Jogging wheel. It was found that during the night an animal ran from 6 to 10 km, the maximum speed was 3.6 km/h.

Due to the high activity of the animal, be sure to purchase a running wheel or a ball.

Pregnancy and childbirth

Pregnancy in Syrian hamsters lasts 16 to 19 days. The light appears from 6 to 18 kids. Multiple pregnancy is associated with additional difficulties in the feeding of offspring. The hamster is hard to feed such a number of cubs. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the amount.


The Syrian hamster is the main competitor Djungarian hamster on the role of a pet. When properly selected diet and optimal living conditions, the cheerful hamster, running around a lot and willing to communicate.

Syrian hamsters are wonderful Pets, they love people and trust them. Children will love to take care of the rodents and to communicate with them.

Syrian hamster: description, care and maintenance at home
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