What needs to keep the hamster in the house

The household rodent is always pleasant and joyful anticipation of a new occupant in the house who will fill his mischievous rustle and love.So, before the advent of pet house you need to prepare:

  • cell;
  • a drinking bowl;
  • feeder;
  • filler;
  • wheel;
  • house.

When purchasing a cage for your hamster it is important to consider the size of the pet, choosing the best area for future home.

Growing up, the rodents of the Syrian breed superior to the Dzungarian two times, so a small cage will probably become close.

Don't forget that it is also necessary to place useful accessories for a pet – kids and cozy housewhere the hamster will love to sleep.

Neglected buying a wheel with the goal of saving space is not necessary, because the trainer for running is the key to your pet's health. Living in nature, rodents daily and are able to run over 20 km in search of food, which allows them to maintain good physical shape and a strong immune system. At home, left without the ability to travel extensively, rodents can soundrite or simply stout, which will adversely affect their health.

A small wooden house inside the cells will replace animal familiar hole in which to hide from the bright light and rest easy. Often hamsters will use these houses as pantry, making edible supplies. Therefore, the accessory should be cleaned 1 to 2 times per week, periodically removing any remnants of provisions. This is especially true of fresh food that she's eating rodent: banana slices, cheese or meat. Regular cleaning will protect the animal from possible food poisoning, which can lead to tragic consequences.

As a filler for cells can use the normal straw or its extruded counterparts, which are easily available in any veterinary shop.

Be sure to lay in a cage with quality bedding, able to absorb not only wastes hamster, but specific odors.

What should be in a cage the hamster in addition to the filler, so it's paper towels or other tissue structure. With their help, the animal will build a cozy nest for breeding, and use as a toilet. Filling a certain corner of the cage wipes, you can teach a rodent to place a sanitary zone, which will greatly facilitate the task of cleaning its territory in the future.

A hamster in a cage for a happy life

It's time to turn to extra, but completely unnecessary accessories, which will bring the Syrian or Djungarian pet extra joy. These products are:

  • stairs;
  • story of a regiment;
  • pipe;
  • hammock;
  • swing;
  • toys.

These items can be safely attributed to the excess, as of strategic interest for hamsters, they are not. Movement on the stairs or going in a plastic tube animal successfully replaces the free wheel, by means of which a considerable part of the energy and train all the muscles of the little rodent. Of course, in the presence of spacious cages and a desire to provide pet a whole range of possible activities, the purchase of such items is not forbidden.

But don't forget about the quality of the toys. Choosing plastic cars or tunnels, pay attention to possible defects in the items. They should not contain cracks or small cracks because movable, the animal may injure the foot landed in a hole. To get out independently it will be difficult and trying to free himself, the hamster may suffer even more.

What you need to know about hamsters in the future

The appearance of the house rodent is not limited to the primary set of objects as permanent stay in the cage does not solve the problem of proper maintenance of the steppe animals. Given the nature of health and the nature of animals, do not be redundant following the acquisition:

  • walking the ball;
  • special carrier;
  • mineral stone.

Permanent stay in the cage can bore your pet, because a free life these creatures used to be on the move to explore the area when foraging. Will be very useful to buy a hamster walking the ballin which the animal will be able to move safely throughout the apartment, and the owner will not have to worry about him missing.

The presence of carry will be relevant on the second month of the stay of a pet in the house, because he will need a trip to the veterinary clinic for the necessary vaccinations. In addition to vaccinating animals tend to get sick, requiring urgent medical examination. To move the animal in a cardboard box carries a risk of his escape: on the road to the doctor the hamster can chew through the hole in the "carry" and retire without the opportunity to return to his beloved master.

Installation in the cell mineral stone will allow the rodent daily to replenish vitamin reserves of the body, from time to time biting off pieces of useful minerals. So he can effectively strengthen your teeth and skeletal system, keeping good health.

Don't forget that you need a hamster as a top-dressing to present not just a special stone, but separate vitamins.

They may be contained in a balanced diet designed specifically for pet rodents.

For visiting the house of a hamster requires quite a bit of compulsory subjects, which will create comfortable conditions of life, filled with activity, satiety and comfort. The most important is to choose quality accessories and filler, and using which, the animal will not cause harm.

What needs to keep the hamster in the house
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