What is the difference between the Djungarian hamster and the Campbell hamster

Hamster Campbell (left) and Djungarian hamster (right)

Decorative and cute hamsters – one of the most common Pets.They can mate with each other, so in pet stores, you can often find hybrids. Both species have small sizes, from 7 to 10 cm in length. The weight of an adult animal – no more than 65-70 grams. These animals are mostly nocturnal.

Due to the size and Djungarian hamster, dwarf and his kin can live in small cages, aquariums or plastic terrariums. Contain them alone, on the floor, be sure to sprinkle sawdust or shavings. The menu is based on both types – mixed grain, dried corn cobs, pumpkin seeds.

Animals live in deep burrows. It usually have 4-5 inputs. Each of them leads to his "office". Home of the hamster has a separate chamber for food and rest. Animals breed from March-April to October (in captivity they can mate and give birth throughout the year). In one litter the female brings to 11 kids.

In the duration of pregnancy there is difference: drugarice hatching offspring 21-26 days, and the Campbells – 18-22 days.

How to distinguish a Djungarian hamster from hamster Campbell

Despite the fact that animals of both species are very similar to each other, there are signs that allow to distinguish Jungaria from Campbell:

Type of coat

Djungarian fur more dense, well attached to the body, to look smooth and shiny. The Campbells hairs slightly wavy, which gives the animal a slightly tousled look.


Djungarian hamsters can have several different colors, but they all share a single symptom of the presence of broad bands on the sides and a "strap" on the backand on the face it forms a strongly defined diamond. The Campbells more than red, usually they are painted evenly along the back is a thin black strip on the sides it is not. The colors of the fur are the following: standard Mandarin, pearl (can be also blue or tangerine), Kemel (blue tangerine) and pearl Kamel, sapphire.

Differences from the Djungarian hamster Campbell

Hamsters Campbell may also have different coloring. The most common agouti. There are also colors: albino, opal, Argenta (with red and black eyes), black, fawn (lilac or blue), grey, blue, chocolate, lilac, beige or dark blue, speckled, platinum.

Hamsters Campbell unlike Djungarian in the cold season does not change its color. Djungarian when changing to winter coat the strip on the back can almost disappear, especially in light of hamsters.


Hamster Campbell's has a waist. His torso is a bit like a figure 8. Djungarian same body more rounded, the shape looks like an egg.


The hamster Campbell's ears are smaller than Jungaria.


The owners say that Campbell, unlike Djungarian, more aggressive and unsociable animal. They do not like to sit on your hands, can bite. Jungert has quite a friendly nature, well tamed, are more willing to contact.

Hamster Campbell

Which of the hamsters is better suited as a pet

Both species are active nocturnal. They love digging in the litter, running around the wheel, rustling food in the bowl. The owners of these animals say that as a pet more suitable Djungarian hamsters, as they are usually friendlier, easier to tame, love to sleep on her hands.

The Campbells, on the contrary, more aggressive. They love to show their difficult nature, bite hard fingers. Some individuals have to take on hand in a special leather gloves.

However, despite such differences in the characters, in each kind, there are exceptions. Can be aggressive and Dzungaria, and some representatives of the Campbells, on the contrary, will be very tame.

Representatives of any species of hamsters have short lives – only 2-3 years. Each owner must provide for your pet the necessary conditions of detention. These animals are well tamed, therefore, if patience and tasty treats, you can teach hands, not only peace-loving Djungarian, but also more obstinate Campbell.

What is the difference between the Djungarian hamster and the Campbell hamster
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