A cat and a hamster in the same apartment

Domestic cats – affectionate and friendly creatures, in which nature sleeps quietly predator, every time waking up at the sight of potential prey.Caught in lamps home hunter, the hamster will suffer from its tenacious claws. Attempting to escape will force the cat to use another weapon – sharp teeth, which would be a sad outcome for the little rodent. Most often cats bite younger brother, and then peacefully continue to "play" with him, taking over the soccer ball.

What if the cat was bitten by a hamster

There are cases when the owner has time to notice the commotion in the apartment and takes the hamster from the clutches of the cat. If the rodent was lucky enough to stay safe, but not without bite, it is necessary to treat the wound with antiseptic and immediately take your pet to the vet. Initial treatment will help to decontaminate the open wound, but to continue the self-treatment is not necessary, because the consequences can be irreversible.

After an unpleasant meeting try to create the most relaxed conditions for the life of the pet. The resulting stress may result in the concern of the hamster regardless of its breed. The Syrian hamster is the Dzungarian exceeds the volume, giving the impression of a strong and stable fighter. But in a practical sense, each of them is equally strong and nervous. Taking care of the rodent, any possible contacts of a cat and a hamster should be completely avoided.

Sometimes the opposite situation, when the hamster bites the cat. Then the question arises, can a hamster to infect a cat and what diseases can be transmitted from an infected hamster? About it you can learn from articles about how dangerous the hamster and how to choose a hamster, that would not prevent disease.

How to make a cat with a hamster

The best option would be the introduction of Jungaria with a cat, do not reach in 1-2 months. At a young age cats themselves are helpless, weak showing hunting power. The kitten will not be able to injure the rodent, playing with him, and at all risks to get used to fancy other, scurrying around the cage. But it is important to remember the nature and temperament of the animal: if one cat can become a good friend of the hamster and give it to the offense, the other – on the contrary – will be unable to arouse the instincts.

Leave the hamster and the cat alone with only a young age of the latter. Allow them to build relationships, not forgetting to look after the students and correct their behavior. In the case of an adult animal, the chances of the friendship decrease significantly, but try to accustom the cat to the hamster still stands. This can be done in several ways:

  • Take the cat in his arms and put next to a cage with a rodent. Watch the reaction of a predator, patiently to suppress his desire to grab the rodent paw.
  • Try to remove your hamster from the cage by carefully lifting it closer to the predator. Be careful: the hamster may be frightened, sensing the enemy's smell, and tries to escape from hands, than provoke the cat's instincts.

Don't worry if you attempt to befriend the pet failed. In rare cases, adult cats and hamsters safely respond to communication with each other, peacefully getting on in the same area.

How to protect Pets from each other

To create a comfortable atmosphere for the life of a cat and hamster in the same apartment will help simple steps where the most important thing is to think about them. So:

  • Ensure that the Pets ate in different places. Noticing that the hamster is eating out of cat bowls, cat may be extremely dissatisfied.
  • Place the cage of the rodent on maximum from nutrition and rest home predator, in order not to provoke conflict.
  • It is important that the cage was placed at a sufficient height without the opportunity for the cat to get close to the hamster. An animal can easily harm a hamster, putting his paw through the wires of the cage.
  • Make sure that the door to the cage had a reliable mechanism. In the case of a simple lock (or lack of it) a cat is able to open the door and damage the animal.
  • To show attention to a cat: often chat with her, feed favorite treat and otherwise show your love. This step will help to avoid jealousy on the part of the predator, to make it less aggressive attitude against the rodent.
  • And most importantly: do not scold the cat's instincts against which he is powerless.

The hamster and the cat in the same territory is always a dangerous combination, even if very friendly predator, who learned of the rodent immediately after birth. An unexpected turn could be news and for a predator, when a cat accidentally ate a hamster, she is not wanting (e.g., damaged it during the game). Remember the nature of cats and try not to leave animals unattended for a long time.

If you already have a hamster and after reading the article you decided that the cat should not start, perhaps you should consider purchasing Guinea pigs, rats or some other rodent. And how can they get along together with your hamster, we have prepared a useful material in the article: "Can a hamster live with a Guinea pig, rat and other Pets."

A cat and a hamster in the same apartment
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