Rat, rabbit, parrot and other competitors hamster

Deciding to have a rodent as a pet, people wonder: who is better hamster or a rat.Then the question sounds differently: who is better hamster or rabbit, or Guinea pig. Other rodents (chinchilla, gerbil, degu) and birds (Canaries and parrots) are still considered exotic, and not so popular.

Rat and hamster: the main differences

Rats and hamsters as Pets have a lot in common: the cellular content, they don't take up much space, inexpensive to purchase, and the costs are minimal. But the differences between these animals more. Before you buy is to figure out what the hamster differs from the rat to choose a suitable pet.

Life expectancy

Rats live only slightly longer than hamsters, 3-4 years vs 1-2 years dwarf hamsters and 2-3 years in Syria. A lot depends on the quality of care, therefore, rats are only slightly beat the hamsters life expectancy.


Hamsters are strictly solitary animals, they need their own territory. Rat, on the contrary, social, love to live in a group, to build relationships. For this reason, hamster is harder to tame, to accustom to the hands. But you can go on vacation, instructed only to feed and water rodents: the hamster will not be bored alone, he is not in need of fellowship as pet rat.

If you want to have a few hamsters, each must have own cage and accessories. Rats can be kept company by watching games animals.

It is important to understand that the hamster and rat in the same cage – obviously a tragic situation. Even if the rat will take a small rodent for her, the hamster will fight to the death to defend their territory. A rat larger and stronger, to kill hamster for it is natural: in nature, rats can eat more than small animals, most often mice.


Hamsters are nocturnal animals. They sleep during the day, and to disturb them is impossible. Plus the fact that animal will not distract the child from learning: communication and feeding is given before bedtime. Minus: the noise at night. A pet will sburlati, running in the wheel and otherwise disturb sleep if the cage is in the bedroom.

Rats are also attracted to the night life, but unable to adapt to the owner, and then begin to stay awake during the day. Night noise is less than hamsters.


Smart rats better than hamsters for cleverness. They can train and educate. For hamsters the highest achievement, to respond to the name. The plain rodents't even have a concept of height, so the hamsters so often fall off the table or sofa.

The smell

Rats smell stronger hamsters, often mark territory with urine (even females). Hamsters are very clean in the cage will always be a "toilet" corner. With regular cleaning strong odor from the cage will not. Housing hamsters are cleaned 1-2 times a week, rats recommended to change the litter every day or two. Smell not only excrement, but also the animals. There is a question of taste: before buying hold the hands of the hamster and the rat, to compare their smell.


A rat will eat not much more than a hamster, and eating it is more taxing. But it is capable of destroying your home. Wondering what is better a rat or a hamster, with respect to the new fixation, it is necessary to consider this circumstance.

Hamsters kept in a cage, occasionally releasing to walk on the table. In the apartment, the pet is forced to move only in a ball to avoid injuries. Rats decided to issue run, in a cage they are bored. They move throughout the apartment, and can chew wiring, make a nest in the duvet, eat books, that is, to ruin your teeth anything.


Hamsters – Champions sweetly of appearance, watching them without a smile is impossible. But it is to observe, not to squeeze. Cute fluffy can easily show aggression, defending its independence and to bite humans, especially careless in handling him. Rats have many disgust instinctively, especially their tail. But these animals can be petted, they love to crawl to master and play.

The nuances of the content of other rodents


Another rodent, which kept the house very rarely the mouse. Decorative mouse the same size as the Djungarian hamster, but by nature closer to the rat. Mice kept by groups to observe them very interesting, and easy to care. Minus the peculiar smell of these animals.

decorative mouse


If the size of the housing closely to the larger animals. The same chinchilla can't do without a spacious cage with several floors. This rodent requires a substantial financial spending on purchase and maintenance. Independently care for demanding beauty child can not, such an animal give birth to adults.

Chinchilla, and hamsters are noisy at night, don't like to take them in his hands, shy. But they have little to no odor. Deciding who is better hamster or chinchilla, remember that the main difference between animals in a lifetime. A large rodent with a luxurious coat lives for many years: 10-15 years with good care.


Decorative rabbits

Decorative rabbits live is not much less chinchilla, about 8-12 years. They're peaceful, bite only in exceptional situations. But even when a sufficient size of the cell (at least 100х60 cm) they should be let out. The apartment is facing property damage and tag if the pet is a male. Rabbits have fragile health, they need to be vaccinated and to avoid stress. If there is a choice: rabbit or hamster – the decision is accepted depending on space and budget.

decorative rabbit

Guinea pigs

If the individualist-hamster not want to take the child, you should pay attention to the Guinea pigs. They are lighter than a chinchilla or a rabbit, go to the contact, easily tamed. Herd animals, miss alone. Of the minuses is worth noting the noise at night and the smell from the cage, mumps is not as clean as hamsters. Even the Guinea pigs – not demure. They are deafening whistling and chirping, begging for food or demanding listening.

Guinea pigs

The contents of birds

Rodents give birth in the first place those people who don't want to walk the pet. But there is another class of Pets that are kept at home in a cage – decorative bird. The most common parrot, especially wavy. The parrot is significantly different from the hamster in the home.

The advantages of the feathered pet:

  • live longer (volnistymi 10-15 years, large parrots are much longer);
  • savvy;
  • trainable;
  • does not smell.

The shortcomings and complexity of the content:

The need to communicate

If the bird be given enough attention, it threatens a nervous breakdown and health problems. Requiring communication, the parrot may be a heart-rending scream. Leave a budgie, going on vacation, will be problematic, in contrast to the independent hamster.


Hamster rustling in the night and creaking wheel, but never makes as much noise as parrots. They are squawking and chirping since dawn. Shaking the cage, ring a bell, throw all the objects in it.

Multiply the chaos and destruction

Even the little wavy parrot needs to let out of the cage to fly. The curiosity of the birds in this case is expensive. Birds like to dig in potted plants, and at the same time to tear the leaves and stems. They throw books and other objects, peck the floor, taking down the Wallpaper, dismantle the keyboard the buttons, torn upholstered furniture. Possessing a developed intellect, a parrot all the time will look for their entertainment. If you do not give the bird the opportunity for self-realization, she quickly wither.


Hamsters and rodents in General most are very clean. Parrots are the real dirt. They scatter all of the products that we eat go to the bathroom everywhere, and litter often flies out of the cage, even when the pet sits inside. The cage should be washed daily.

Fragile health

For hamster care is not difficult enough not to violate the basic rules. With this handle even a child. Parrots are demanding in terms of content and can get sick from the usual draught.

The good news is that if you can't decide who is better hamster or a parrot to make choices not necessarily. It is possible to have both Pets, they will not interfere or threaten the well-being of each other. Day to teach a parrot to talk and perform tricks, in the evening to play with the hamster.


Given the characteristics of rodents of different types and priorities, it is easier to understand, it is better to have – a hamster or a rat, and maybe another animal. The selection of Pets is now virtually unlimited, even sell hedgehogs and chipmunks. To decide not easy. Dazzled, but we should not forget that exotic animals are not recommended as a first pet. This is one of the reasons why the hamster is the most popular pet.

Rat, rabbit, parrot and other competitors hamster
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