How to determine the age of the hamster

The choice of hamster is responsible.It is important to take into account the fact that not every dealer is able to determine the age of the animal.

Five ways to know the age of the rodent

The exact number of weeks since the birth of the hamster turns out to be impossible to find even an experienced professional, so the age is determined approximately with minor errors. Animals are divided into three categories: young, adult and old. If the hamster is less then 1 month, then baby will have to suckle milk yourself using a pipette. If you are not sure that the task you, from buying better to refuse. In such children the animal had not yet learned to eat himself, and feeding should occur at intervals of 2-3 hours.

To know the age of the Djungarian hamster and the Syrian hamster will help us:

  • Behavior. A young animal from the old easy to determine behavioral characteristics. Djungarian, Syrian or any other hamster breeds at a Mature age gives you a lot of time to sleep and rest. They eat much less food and often sleep. The young lead a very active lifestyle than attract the attention of future owners, especially children's half. Immediately after waking up a young hamster begins to chew, to run and to explore the territory;
  • The hair near the ears. Aging animals is to distinguish the almost complete absence of hair. The ears of the young rodents are always covered with a thin layer of white wool shades;
  • Eyes. They are always right will tell you how to know the age of the hamster. About old age or disease tell clouded eyes, which are the harbinger of a short life of the animal. Shining, clear eyes indicate youth and good health of the animal. With proper care, this hamster will make you happy for a long time;
  • The condition of the coat. Rodents begin to be covered by hair and to get a visible colour only in the age of 5-6 days, all the fur is formed to 15 days of life. The fur is particularly striking and reminiscent of a more light down than the hairs. If the hamster has a bright coat, which is visible receding hairline, it means the disease or molting. These signs point to the youth of the rodent and it is likely that his age has not passed the month of the turn;
  • Weight. One of the main ways to determine the age of the hamster dzhungaria and its counterparts of other species. For the first 3 months from birth, the animals weigh no more than 40 g, so before buying be sure to weigh the rodent. The recommended age for the purchase and from 3 to 12 months, ideal – from 1 to 3 months.

The lifespan of a rodent

The number already lived hamster weeks directly affect the duration of remaining life, so it is important to buy a young animal. In addition to age, of great importance are the following factors:

  • kind;
  • genetic characteristics;
  • conditions, which contained the animal prior to purchase;
  • food rules;
  • the quality of care.

Giving Jungaria good environment and balanced nutrition, it can accommodate up to 3 three years. In the wild animals there are almost twice less, because the freedom they face many dangers. Life in a cage is calm, gets rid of forced hunger and cold, much increasing the ability of Djungarian live longer.

Syrian varieties are superior to Junggar in size and are the largest among domestic rodents. The difference in the age determination of these rocks does not exist. Fellow Jungaria in 1 month the same small and light. Just past the 30-day mark, they will vary the volume and the weight of an adult Syrian hamster will average 115 g. Hard to the touch coat will tell you about old age, smooth and soft – about youth and health.

Years of rodents in terms of human

To determine the age of the hamster by human standards, can a simple mathematical calculation. The life expectancy of the animals is 2-3 years. The average import stops at around 60-70 years. Accordingly, the 2 hamster is equal to 60 human years. Then look how old the hamster by human standards in different periods:

  • at 6 months of age your hamster can safely be called the 12-year-olds;
  • in the yearling – a young rodent;
  • and in 1.5 years the hamster in full will begin to move toward certain age.

Don't forget that the youth beloved of the Syrian or Djungarian hamster is always possible to extend decent care and quality food. Take the rodent for a visit to the vet who will be able to identify the animal hereditary diseases and to identify possible risks. Guided by doctor's recommendations, you will help your pet to avoid illnesses and prolong life.

How to determine the age of the hamster
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