It differs from Syrian hamster Djungarian?

Before you have a pet, prospective owners wonder what hamster is better Syrian or Djungarian.If the seller of the animal at the market insists on this title, think before you buy a strange beast.

Jungaria and gold Syrians are the most popular members of the species.

Representatives of the breeds differ not only in appearance, they have different personalities and habits. In order to understand whom to choose Syrian or Djungarian hamster, meet rodents closer!

External differences

As soon as you look at representatives of both breeds, will immediately know what the Syrian hamster is different from Jungar. Drugarice less Syrians (length with tail, up to 10 cm, weight up to 50 grams), a Syrian can grow up to 20 cm and weighing 100-150 grams, it says that it is almost two times more.

Djungarian hamster (left) and two Syrian

Different color and rodents: for Djungarian characteristic gray-brown with a Golden sheen and a dark stripe along the back. The coat is smooth and of medium length. The Syrians were most often painted in a reddish hue, but can be other colours. The second name of the Syrian "Golden hamster", as this shade the most common. If you are interested in more rare colors — read and see photos in our collection the colours of the Syrian hamster.

The Syrian hamster is a large and common species. Character: female of Syrian quickly carrying children, after 16 days, the progeny was born, while Dzungaria carrying kids 18-22 days. To date, displayed a variety of subtypes of Syrian hamsters with different length of wool. Demand Shorthair and longhair babies.

the Syrian hamster

Drugarice similar in appearance to a mouse, differences in the length of the tail. Relate to upland hamsters. Changing coat colour in winter, it becomes lighter, almost white, stripe on the back during this period is poorly expressed.

Jungar hamsters

Some Pets are changing color, it looks unusual and exotic: dark grey spots on white fur, all of this is complemented by the stripe on the back.

You've probably already made a choice for yourself who is the better gungari or Syrian hamster and he'll soon become an honorary resident of your home.

What kind of hamster to buy a child?

Hamsters are popular among the population, especially kids love them. The reasons for this are many – not pickiness care, low cost pet, and most importantly, rodent along with his house in the apartment is a little space.

Often hamsters buy. It is very important to choose the right animal, you need to know the difference Djungarian hamster the Syrian. The first one is more temperamental, unable to bite, the second behave more easy.

shaggy-haired Syrian hamster (Angora) — a kind of Syrian hamster

Explain to your child that for the hamster to care, no matter what breed you prefer. Both are suitable for keeping in an apartment. Djungarian need more space, better for them to buy a large one-story cage. Syrians love to climb through tunnels and mazes for them to fit a compact multi-storey cage.

For Djungarian it is better to choose a cage with less distance between the bars, this will prevent escape. Drugarice – hamsters are very agile and once they will have the opportunity to escape, they will certainly use it.

Djungarian hamsters live an average of 2-2.5 years, while their Syrian counterparts 2.5-3.5.

For both breeds lifespan is primarily due to living conditions. With good care, the absence of disease, including tumors that rodents exposed to most, life expectancy is increasing.

It's important to recognize diseases of hamsters:

  • hamster looks restless, constantly itching;
  • not active as before;
  • have a pet of watery eyes, from the nose secretes mucus;
  • he bites, beeps, shows aggression when you want to take it on handles;
  • on a certain area of the tumor, which becomes a hotbed of disease and pain.

If you gave the child a Syrian or Jungaria, periodically inspect a rodent upon the slightest suspicion of disease, contact your veterinarian. To have pet avoid problems with teeth, make sure that the cage has always been chalky or mineral stone grinding of teeth, and the twigs of fruit trees.

Content features

Than Djungarian hamsters differ from Syrian, in addition to the appearance and character? Odor, although it is difficult to say what hamsters smell more. Males and females Djungarian Syrians distinguish sexual secret, it is accompanied by the release of odors. This is not to say that Djungarian and Syrian hamsters unpleasant smell, the fragrance is barely noticeable.

Representatives of both breeds don't smell, if you regularly clean the cage and to buy fillersdesigned for rodents. To protect pet from parasites, you need to install in the cage or fly ash-sand bath. Remember that before these animals were domesticated, they were inhabitants of the deserts, so the bath water is contraindicated for them, the water should be only in special troughs.

Drugarice more sociable, easier to train, though, and like to bite. The Syrians are more calm, rarely bite, are eager to hand.

By the nature of Syrian hamsters closer to the Guinea pig: more calm and tame. On our website you can also find a comparison of a hamster with a Guinea pig.

the Syrian hamster

Djungarian harder to tame, it will have to be more patient, don't scold pet when it bit you when you try to take him on the pens.

Syrian hamster and Djungarian hamster – nocturnal animals, who do not like to be in the company of other rodents. Ideal content for each animal has its own cage. In the cell of the Syrians and Djungarian have to be the houses for sleeping, wheels, ladders and mazes to "support pieces".

Buying hamsters for breeding

Very often in the pet store appeal to buyers wanting to buy a pair for your pet. But, unfortunately, it's not social animals. Some hamsters are better in this regard: Djungarian and Syrian, it is difficult to say. The representatives of those breeds by nature are loners, in the wild they prefer to live together only during mating.

If you want to breed hamsters, I put them all together for a few days and after 16-24 days expect "replenishment in the family." Important to carefully monitor the Pets — two hamsters in the same cage may not get along and give each other fatal injuries.

Little hamsters comfortable with my mother, but as a puberty between them there are conflicts, which can lead to injury and death. If you bought hamsters for breeding, make sure that the females and males had the opportunity to live in individual cells. Pairing can only be Syrian with Syrian, drugarice can result in offspring with hamster Campbell.

It differs from Syrian hamster Djungarian

 Jungar hamstersSyrian hamsters
1The size of the animal does not exceed 10 cmCalf length can reach 20 cm
2The back is decorated with a wide strip on the head clearly "traced" lozengeThe most common gold, but there are other colours. Any strips not available.
3Very mobile and nimbleA little more phlegmatic
4Quite sociable, accustomed, make contact with a personHigh probability of being in the favorites for the whole family. With rare exception, she loves to sit on your hands and receive affection from a man
5Requires ample space as very mobileNeed a lot of room because of large size
6Too fragile and nimble for children of primary school ageStudent who loves animals, will bring much joy to others communication
7It is not always possible to teach a hamster to use a litter tray. It's neat, but less susceptible to taming.Very clean, easily accustomed to the "tray".
8You can keep in standard cages for rodents with small bars.Because of their size have less opportunity to get out of the cell
9Prone to diabetes, you can not give some sweet fruitsOmnivorous, but do not abuse it. The animal requires a complete diet of quality food.
10Males are more smelly than females1 every 3 days, in heat, can smell the females
11Have short hairThere are individuals with short and long hair
12Odoriferous glands located on the abdomenGlands on the sides

Comparing the most common species, can be carried out indefinitely. But they have a lot in common, at least the fact that the Syrians and Jungaria – lovely creatures. The choice of hamster is a difficult decision. If you find it difficult to decide who is better: the Syrian hamster or Djungarian can take the risk and start in different cells of representatives of both breeds. For them it is very interesting to observe that there is only lining the cheeks food, running in the wheel and eating sweet treats.
It differs from Syrian hamster Djungarian?
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