How much are hamsters?

No one had thought of – how much for a hamster, so cheap Pets considered rodents.It will be higher in regions with higher wages where people can afford a more expensive purchase. But the price Djungarian hamster was never high, unlike larger rodents (Guinea pig, chinchilla, rabbit).

More than usual can cost rodent rare color. Especially different colours of the Syrians. Their natural color is Golden, and among the decorative some specimens have yellow, chocolate, gray color. Looks spectacular and highly prized black or white hamster. Djungarian variations less. Considered unusual red color (tangerine) and white (pearl).

Gender homyachat the cost is not affected, and sometimes the seller himself doesn't know who are the kids boy and girl. Often tragicomic situation when a fat male has produced offspring for the first.
The breed is only important for professional breeders, and the market is that the hamster, the Campbell is sold under the guise of Junggar. The so-called "Angora hamster"is an ordinary Syrian with long hair.

How much is a hamster at the pet store

The cheapest option is to take a rodent from the owner or the pet market. Little gungari can get for free, if you attach unwanted and unexpected litters. On the market the price is not high, but the more choice. But in both cases, homyachat can be serious health problems because of improper content, and genetics (often these animals are the result of inbreeding). You must with great responsibility to approach the proper selection of a hamster.

In the bird market it is better to go without the kids, otherwise the seller may unreasonably inflate the price, seeing that the child liked a particular cub.

In pet stores, pedigree babies is also unknown, but the animals are usually healthy and well maintained. The price of hamsters there will be about the same, and known in advance (no haggling).

Another option of acquiring rodent – professional breeders. With the widespread proliferation of the Internet, this method is gaining popularity. The price of the Syrian or Djungarian hamster with the metric and pedigree will be higher than in the market or in the store. But the young are trained to arms, colors amazing diversity, animals are beautiful and healthy.

The young female is taken aback by the unexpected pregnancy by separating the content homyachat. Often the breeder gives the new owner a list of "possible-impossible", advice on keeping and feeding.

Nurseries are overpriced, not only because trying to recapture the costs of the animals and exhibitions. Relatively high cost is a kind of "protective duties", a guarantee of good faith purchaser. So the breeder can be sure that homedata not going to feed snakes, and will find a loving home. Willingness to pay for animal appreciable amount proves the solvency and responsible attitude.

How much is a Syrian hamster

Country The price on the market The price at the pet store The price in the nursery
Russia 100-300 RUB. 300-500 RUB. 400-1000 RUB.
Belarus 4-5 white. RUB 5-7 Bel. RUB 5-10 Bel. RUB
Ukraine 30-50 gr. 60-70 g. 100-150 gr.
Kazakhstan 500 Tg. 1000-1500 Tg. 2000-5000 tenge.

How much is a Djungarian hamster

Country The price on the market Price 300магазине The price in the nursery
Russia 50-200 RUB. 200-350 rubles. 300-500 RUB.
Belarus 1-3 Bel. RUB 3-5 white. RUB Bel 4-7. RUB
Ukraine 5-50 g. 50 gr. 100 gr.
Kazakhstan 200-500 Tg. 1000-2000 Tg. 3000-4000 Tg.

In Kazakhstan, the hamsters are valued very low: 100 tenge is 18 rubles, so Dzungaria on the market sell less than 50 rubles. In Belarus, the animals are also cheaper than in Russia: 1 Belarusian ruble – by approximately 30 Russian with a minimum charge of rodent in the poultry market. 50 UAH – the average price of the dwarfs in Ukraine, approximately 116 rubles.

One gets the impression that in Russia, the price of hamsters above all, especially in large cities. This is especially true for rare species of rodents: hamster Roborovskogo will cost no less than 300 p., because these tiny animals are reluctant to breed in captivity, and not so common as Pets.


Not to say that hamster – road maintenance pet, but requires a certain cost: food, litter, mineral stone, treats, vitamins, bathing sand, a drinking bottle and other accessories.

Some consider it permissible to keep a hamster in a glass jar and feed the waste from the table. In this case, the costs tend to zero, as well as the health and happiness of your small pet. If the rodent to create a comfortable living environment, expenses will be ten times more than the cost of the animal, considering how much gungari on the market. A good cage for a hamster — not a cheap pleasure.

The cost of cage and accessories

Accessory Price (RUB.)
Cell 2000-5000 R.
The option of "Hamster Metro"
(firm Savic) is more than 9000 R.,
but already equipped with house, bowl,
giver and entertainment complex.
Drinker 100-400 RUB.
Wheel 200-700 RUB.
Walking the ball 300-800 RUB.
Filler corn 400-600 RUB.
Food for hamsters is a premium-class 600-800 RUB.
Total 3600-8300 RUB.

One time a veterinarian specializing in rodents, in Moscow is 800-1500 rubles, and this is excluding the cost of medications or additional procedures. If tiny rodents will need a caesarean section, removal of the tumor, or amputation of the foot – the cost of surgery will be no lower and sometimes higher than for dogs or cats. If you are not willing to bear the additional costs really need to think about: should you have a hamster?


Although the cost of a hamster is small, in the eyes of the owner, it acquires a value that is not measured by money. Real, live, furry creature enthralls children and adults touched by their habits. For many, the hamster was the first pet. If the animal gets sick or dies, it is not necessary to devalue the sincere grief which feels a little boss. We can say that it was an ordinary hamster that will buy another, at least five. But to measure the value of the living being depending on the money spent on it is wrong.

How much are hamsters?
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